Games You Played Today V: The Phantom Play’n

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Continuing the discussion from Games You Played Today IV: Quest of the Avatar:

yr options are either the cave in fairfax or round 1 in woodbridge — nothing closer to dc, unfortunately!

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New thread name?

Games You Played Today V:The Phantom Play’n?


Fortnite General




More Resident Evil 8. Got through house Benivito and the water section. I have so much ammunition and yet I try to stab every werewolf to death with my knife.


We need to get a Kid Icarus Uprising multiplayer night together while the servers are still serving!

I loved that game! I’ll try to dig up my stand this weekend.

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idk if I told this story before but there was a kid icarus uprising promotional tournament in the UK shortly after the game came out where you could go to game and get a high score in the first level (or something) then if you did the best in that location then you were invited to London to win a chance of going to E3 that year.

Somehow I ended up getting through and went to london for the tournament except they did it as 4 6 player free for alls (top 3 went forward then winners of next two matches went head to head) except with my match I won the first game but then someone complained about “bad wifi signal” (we were literally sitting next to each other and no-one else noticed anything) and shouted at the judges for a rematch when they eventually relented on so we did another match which I ALSO won but then he complained again that the match time was too short compared to what we were told and everyone else was getting fed up at this point so we did the match AGAIN to where he and someone he talked to in the interval ganged up on me so I came 4th and dropped out. 8 years later I’m still bitter about this. (funnily enough the head to head duel was two brothers who didn’t even bother playing the final game as they were going anyway so we got a STAGGERING battle of watching them stare at their 3DS’s for 5 minutes doing fuck all)

Other than the buffet the best part was meeting a nintendo rep who took sympathy on me and gave me his business card and said he could send me one first party nintendo game of my choice. I asked for Picross 3D so he sent me that and FIVE copies of Metroid Prime: First Hunt in the mail a week later.


Highly inspired, I am golf clapping


Really enjoyed the 32X reviews. Ive not had mine setup in years. Once I get my sega shrine back up and running I ll have to get in there on some Colibri.

Im still not optimally setup for most things but I have gotten the controller + couch situation locked down for PC and PS4. Im all Hori Mini Ps4 all the time now. I have my wireless keyboard dongle on the same USB splitter as the controller and it all slides under the couch and out of view when not in use. Having a rug instead of carpet is a huge advantage for cable management.

The best part is that I can swap the USB extender between PC and PS4 very easily allowing me to use a keyboard on PS4 for menu bullshit. Its so nice. Adding a wired mouse soon for shooters.

Missing my cash register CRT but I do not have a convenient way to use it yet. I think it needs to be integrated with my raspberry pi and turned into some sort of little pull up cab with collapsible legs.

Still grinding away at Shimigam Tensi Devil Summoner 2 which continues to open up and have more cool stuff in it than I ever imagined. I’m at a point now where just doing demon fusions and battles for their own sake is a grand time. Had some kind of weird special fusion resulting in my first Evil type and a demon species Ive never seen before. Forged my first non-sword weapon (axe) and its made the battle rhythm very different. Game continues to look amazing, sound great and be a total blast. This game hangs out so hard. I wish more games just had beautiful fixed backgrounds and basic 3D models.

Shimigam Tensi Devil Summoner 2: delicious/10


Death Stranding coming to game pass let me load it up on this computer and play it with all the graphics. This Game Owns. I played it for like 90 hours and loved it all and loading it up again yeah. YEAH! YEAH!

The thing that makes this a hideo kojima game is that the president’s death ward has accurate ceiling sprinklers visible.

The world has changed so much since I played it last. Pairing it the same evening with Yak3 where I intensely remember where I was in my life where I played it entirely in Japanese. Huh. Thanks Game Pass!


excited to try keep up with this iteration of the thread, as i always am when it ticks over

just played a quick sesh of Good Picross, my current pick of poison among Simon Tatham’s Puzzle Collection is Towers when i’m not able to read or just putting it off


Holy shit, I hope that complainy competitor had a bad life

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installed Dishonored from gamepass but have not played it, taking a week vacation before I’ll be back on my home computer, so, uh I guess that counts for something


i love Ecco and Tides of Time (cruel rental mentality and all) but Kolibri? Mark me down as a hater. That game is utterly gorgeous, but otherwise sucks


oh my god I love grim dawn. every build is viable. I can do whatever I want instead of being locked into GET THIS SET THIS SEASON OR PERISH. I have pants that are shit stained and surrounded by flies. when you kill things they RAGDOLL into the air. there’s a million pointless fucking text logs I never read because the story is either: we were traveling and shit got real bad because we ate eachother, travelling went bad and we killed eachother, holed up in a basement starving with monsters outside, or some variation on itchy tasty. I just pick them up for the experience points

the pathfinding can still be titan quest annoying sometimes, I’ll be clicking for 10-20 seconds to trying to go up some dumb platform but instead I get stuck in a doorway

there’s also this dykey sounding voice actor for one of the towns stashes and I wanna cut down a tree with her. I should look up what she looks like and destroy my mental image


Bloodborne three times today, trying to get the Bloodied Bandage for my Messengers and tootling around Old Yharnam, waving a torch around & dressed as a plague doctor. this is fun

suspect I’m overleveled because I refuse to think I’m getting better at crowd combat but it’s less challenging. bosses are still brutalising me


playing through silent hill for the first time in 14 years and accidentally went through the hospital without the map :upside_down_face:


I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The ending got me a little teary. WTF.


finally got to the ggo anime characters in fatal bullet, eliminating the need to play the game anymore

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Finished Sword and Fairy: Together Forever a few days ago. Most reviews seemed to say the game is over in 15 hours but it took me 40 because I spent so much time just wandering around the environments. Really good hangout vibes, the towns are full of nice little details and it’s good to just chill out and listen to the music. It’s a really pretty game despite looking like a Switch port on PS4.

It’s definitely a huge step up in quality from the last game, but there’s still a huge amount of really weird jank. About 60% of enemies will just freeze for a few seconds and disappear when killed, like their death animation failed to play. There were some moments were a character who wasn’t in the party would respond to an NPC in dialogue, and I found some trees in a courtyard that somehow had a leaf texture applied to their trunk so it looked like a floating tree branch curled into a cylinder shape. The worst bug though is where the audio gets out of sync in cutscenes, sometimes by up to a few seconds. Nothing as game breakingly bad as some of the stuff in S&F6 though.

You can tell this is one of those games where the dev’s enthusiasm and passion outshines their technical abilities. The characters and story are enjoyable and well developed enough that it kinda doesn’t matter that the dungeon design and combat are a bit clunky or that the game is wildly unbalanced. I think this pretty much sums up all the games in the series as well.

I think I liked the story in the previous game just a bit more though, this one ends up feeling a bit more conventional and there’s a few plot threads that felt a little under-developed.

Highly recommend if you want a breezy action RPG like Ys or Tales but without a shred of anime trope in sight.