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Games You Played Today VIII: Journey of the Cursed Poster


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started blasphemous II
best kind of junkfood


@isfet what car you using in f-zero?

i got my highest rank (14) with the golden fox, i think the recovery on that might be the winner for me. it was the first time i felt like my actions mattered more than just getting above 50.

it’s pretty neat overall, slight but i like it. feels very little like the snes game to me but the skills transfer alright. the catch up mechanics aren’t strong enough to make sandbagging a winning technique afaict but it does let me get above 50 regularly so that’s good

that’s all i got so far lol


got to an ending in alice & you in the planet of numbers


Street Fighter 6 (PC/Steam)

“Ninjastar” Kimberly Jackson has not one but TWO stocking / powering-up mechanics with additional gauges/icons! Oh no! And yet she’s my favorite character so far, by far! I’m such a hypocrite! ; D

She’s got fantastic animation. Not only does her face have Disney-quality goofy expressions if you move the stick around on the VS loading screen,

but her entire moveset animation is peppy and quick, finally breaking out of the slow in-out I’m-almost-too-bored-to-punch animation style that beset the series starting in SFV. She’s so fun to watch in motion!

And to play! She’s fast! She’s sort of a Guy disciple I guess even though this isn’t covered in her Story mode, at least not an an unsubtle enough way for a fool like me to catch, except that she’s got a poster of Guy (from SFA) on her bedroom wall (and another poster of oh wait that wasn’t Urien, much less JP–it was Zeku, from SFV–Guy’s teacher! OHHHHHHH).

Anyway, her moveset! It’s the first I’ve played in 6 that feels really intuitive to me, heck, I even kept getting Drive uh dashes or whatevers coming out at, like, just the right times somehow! She makes me look almost competent–and that’s quite something! ^ _^

I kept forgetting her uppercut equivalent is her tatsu. Also kept getting her super inputs mixed up–look, I can barely handle one super move per character in fighting games, much less three! ; D


Her stock mechanism is her spray can bombs, but she starts with that full–at two, the amount you can charge by EXing the down,down-punch–so I guess that could be worse. Her other power-up is that once she’s done her stage 3 super, whether or not it hit, she gets a pulsing rainbow halo and a waggling finger icon next to her super meter, indicating that she’s now got a move speed and attack damage boost! But it takes a while to charge up to stage 3 so I guess I won’t worry about feeling like I have to get that charge done. So maybe I’m okay with it.

Her qcf-P is a dashing elbow attack that goes farther than the Drive dash, and when EX’d goes through fireballs. ; ] Her qcb-P is a short teleport-in attack; normally I hate teleports but this one is so short range I guess I can stand it; it also looks cool and was pretty effective against the AI.

She’s got an air throw I think, which I don’t think I landed. Her qcf-K is a run-in with multiple options based on your follow-up buttons, the kind of thing that is almost too complicated for me to manage–but almost all the outcomes are pretty effective anyway: she can pull up, low hit slide, and uh I think kick, or overhead punch, or, left alone, run up the opponent for a few hits, then vault off and, with another follow-up, dive back either for a throw–punch–or finishing kick. Phew!

Anyway yeah she rules.

Note to self when you’re feeling flush: I like costume 1 color 6, and costume 2 is pretty all right as well.


I figured out that I should leave “Story” on when doing Story/Arcade, even if I’ve seen it already, because Start button skips the beginning/end story stuff anyway, and this way you do get to fight the character’s end boss. Hm maybe I wouldn’t do it for Ryu or Jamie, so I (probably) wouldn’t have to fight that darn Luke. ; )

(Illustration by Yusuke Nakamura)


words to live by…


F-Zero 99’s physics are accurate enough to the original that it preserves the behavior where going off a jump plate clamps your speed down to your non-boosting top speed.

I almost completed a grand prix until I suffered a very stupid self-inflicted death with the jump plate on Silence.

Killing the fake cars doesn’t do much, but killing the real ones is very useful — it provides a full refill to your health meter (and extends it?). Save your spin attacks for flashing racers (at least, once you’re a good distance past the pit).

Fun game.


Blue Falcon. Golden Fox is my original car from when the game came out, but over the years i made the switch and found my results were better.


Generation Zero (PS4) - wow, this is infinitely better than i expected. released to extremely middling reviews in 2019, this game is actually a very compelling open-world eurojank FPS.

the most striking thing about the game is the world. it’s based on Sweden in 1989 – shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall – and the game just drips with specificity and verisimilitude. walking around in pitch-black, labyrinthine bunkers with accurate signage and thoughtful, human-centric design… it’s really something.

so many games fail to offer this kind of uncanny sense of place. when you walk around an area in e.g. (the very brief bit i played of) destiny 2, it honestly never feels like a place that sentient beings would inhabit. it might be beautiful, but it’s extremely non-functional. an inescapably sculpted, authored asset, plunked down by a (game) designer. GZ somehow manages to buck this. the result is a feeling of immersion and transportation that most games utterly fail at


f-zero mechanics update: KOing the CPU cars extends your life bar and refills it the amount of the extension, so it’s still worth killing them. It does not give you the full refill a Player KO does though


time gal sucks even on easy mode. every mistake gotta have the game load in this asshole laughing in his chair before you get to go again. aren’t even really allowed to focus on the animation cause you gotta watch which simon says button at the edges is gonna light up.

i would have been slightly more positive if my nemesis was a hot lady laughing it up, but i don’t believe the overall thing would suck that much less. fmv is for adventure games and security footage sims not simon says.


I think part of the negative reception around this game had to do with the very blatant rip off of a fairly well known artist’s aesthetic and setting


Street Fighter Collection (PS1)

Collection of Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo on disc 1, and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold on disc 2.


This version does not have the busted, always-super-hard difficulty of the US arcade version of ST! So you can set it on difficulty 1 and it actually doesn’t kill you immediately on Stage 1. However, it was still easier than the arcade version, at least in the early stages, when I set it to the max difficulty 8 setting; so if you wanted the full ridiculous arcade challenge, you wouldn’t quite get that here.


There are load times, but aside from that and the different difficulty, as a port of ST it feels spot-on and quite impressive, with rather glorious 240p graphics.


I haven’t tested input delay in this version. It feels pretty responsive. CE in Collection 2 has several frames less delay than CE in the PS4 version of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on my set-up, and I expect this is about the same.


Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2)


I’m not sure who needed to play the various versions of the characters from all the versions of Street Fighter II against each other,


but you can do that here in Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition. = P Except the CPU only ever plays as the ST versions. : PP


Also, the difficulty setting actually works,


rather than just being super duper hard all the time like the US arcade version. And if you set it to Hardest difficulty (8th), it emulates the ridiculous US arcade version and kills you hard right from the first match, so you can still get that arcade-perfectness if you so desire!


Graphics are blurry 480i. : P

The Arrange soundtrack isn’t really my thing, but you can switch it to the “CPS I” or “CPS II” soundtracks instead.