Games You Played Today: Actress Again: Current Code (Part 1)

I played Overwatch today, sadly

and uninstalled it!


At least you didn’t play Crucible (I hope)

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nope, Tass is in a better place now as a dumb mage with negative survivability instead of a awful support who has infinite escape options who becomes stupid in a couple of setups (RIP AA Tass)

I also played Overwatch, mostly been laughing at dumb Echo shit (echo ult into D.Va, D.Va bomb on payload after 3 seconds, why not, good game)


Echo immediately became my favorite DPS hero. Her base skills mesh really well, but being able to just turn into Reinhart and have a shatter within seconds, followed by my actual Rein’s shatter, is really goofy in a good way.

It hearkens back to when the game didn’t have hero limits, and it kind of makes the strict queue interesting just to be able to break the rules for a short time

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Hunt Showdown is very cool. Tegiminis mentioned it last thread and I just want to stan it in the new one for a second.


the single most depressing thing was that Blizzard did a set of Echo showmatches one weekend while they’re were trying to figure out the situation with the pandemic and both teams agreed to do a no-limits match at the end and they both ran goats with Echo and it was the greatest thing ever

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he was fine

the single upside to Blizzard randomly putting in no-limits ranked into arcade on a whim is that people played it and now it’s going to be a mode forever next month

I think it’s like, all amping yourself up to be more scary than it actually is, which is what makes the game work. Every enemy is a bumbling doofus, and seeing players is legitimately hard if they’re any good (moving in places where nobody can see them, being careful in close-quarters areas), so there’s this nice mix of goofy slapstick that punctuates the tense PvP fights.

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also sweating increasingly during the entire hero shooter conversation when people went “yeah, MNC is good” and then went to “but Super MNC was bad” and I’m just going quietly “I liked both…” and laughing nervously

I kinda liked Battleborn too

anyway, good thing I like an actually good moba with Splatoon


I started playing Axiom Verge for the second time last night. I’ve been wanting to play something like it, though not necessarily a game I’ve played before. Nothing else jumped out at me, so I guess Axiom Verge it is.

I kind of wish the protagonist were a little more mysterious like Samus Aran rather than being a normal person who is suddenly athletic and proficient with weapons like Gordon Freeman. And I also kind of wish he didn’t talk, even though the talking parts are not too bad.

Looks like the sequel is coming out later this year, though it’s another of those (presumably temporary) Switch exclusives so I will have to wait a while.

Last week I tried Rondo of Blood but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for that level of difficulty and I gave up pretty quickly after dying a couple times on a boss. I will probably try it again one day.


PLEASE stick to Rondo of Blood, if you ever have the time and energy. Definitely a sweaty game, but learning it feels so satisfying.


I know people were mostly talking about valorant at the end of the last thread but it is extremely hilarious to me that one of the ways they’re trying to suck in CS players is by having near identical canned death animations to 1.6 as if that gesture does anything but offend my delicate sensibilities


and they led all their media previews with de_dust3! You cannot be too subtle for the internet


Okay, THIS is the cursed take. You’ve done it.


I’m so glad someone bit

(100% not my take)


does MOBA mean anything or does it just mean ‘multiplayer team competitive game’


Multiplayer online battle arena

I believe Riot came up with it cuz previously LoL’s genre was “Dota clone”