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I found myself in this situation last year when I decided to hook up my PS2 again. My OEM controllers were all lost a while back and all I had were a couple third-party ones.

In the end, eBay was the only real option I found. I paid too much for an unopened controller because I wanted to be sure I had at least one I could trust and they aren’t going to get any cheaper. I also took my chances on a couple “refurbished” ones that fortunately seem to work fine. And if they end up having issues, the parts that most often wear out are not hard to replace.


yeah i have a dead/not-totally functional PS2 controller i got off eBay that was supposedly “refurbished” and “working.” it is in the back of my mind as a little project for me to practice repairing controllers when i have the free time to read up on how to do that and what tools i need, but for now, i just want a real Dual Shock 2 to hold in my hands that works, since all of my old PS2 controllers broke - or rather, the cables are messed up, i think, and they don’t send a signal properly to the controller port anymore. not easy to play all these action games when your controller cuts out on you every 5 seconds


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re: the PS2 discussion, i played and beat Neo Contra on a whim awhile ago. it was pretty fun, though i promptly forgot everything about it immediately after beating it. Silent Hill 2 is ofc a treat as well, and i do think you get something more out of it by playing on hardware, tho i’m not sure what exactly.

i am getting sad with how expensive even PS2 games are getting now… but i also have a ton of stuff loaded on a PS2 hard drive, not to mention emulation, so i can’t really complain. i just wish the physical object wasn’t such a weird hot commodity… maybe i just wish i still had my old retro game stuff i left behind in Ohio. or maybe i just wish for a time when i was actually in touch with newer games and regularly played console games with friends. the PS3 still seems like a new game console to me. but i guess we’re not ever going to go back to those times. oh well. anyway, time to sob uncontrollably while i play emulated PS1 games.


i remember when i was a teenager, you bought and played old games because they were cheap. in the ps1 era, i bought a master system and a snes, both with games, from people at school for less than £10 each. and every videogame shop had a big section of older games, mostly selling for next-to-nothing. a few of my friends all got game boy cameras in the mid-00s for 50p each from a gamestation bargain bin


contemporary indie game aesthetic

the only time i’ve ever contemplated buying a gaming focused PC is mostly with the intention of playing emu laters for stuff like Neo Contra (and Shattered Soldier) and any number of licensed games that are impossible to update and remaster easily in the current corporate climate. because for some reason a ps2 slim and some games are still a little pricey


i think this in particular appeals to people who were too young to really experience it, so it seems kinda alien to them, but just old enough to have it be on the edge of their awareness. sort of like how some mysterious early/mid 8-bit stuff appeals to me a lot. i guess the difference is that old games were cheap then when i was a kid so i did end up playing those consoles later on, whereas they’re expensive now. so the dynamics are a bit different - old stuff almost feels like a luxury object at times now instead of this weird semi-forgotten memory. maybe that also ties into the obsession with aesthetic on these newer games. there’s something boutique-feeling about it now.


In order to play raw danger on the pcsx2 emulator I have to enable a cheat to remove screen effects which take the thing down to 1fps, in order to do that I have to download 2 separate programs to write a cheat file which I can then load in the emulator. with duckstation the cheats are like right there. it’s so dumb


this is not in my experience an issue that the software renderer has :~)

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oh worm? what settings does one use?

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id recommend, in this order, updating to the latest build of pcsx2, resetting all settings, then going into settings → graphics → renderer: software. things should basically just likeee work from there. switching over to the software renderer should be the only setting you have to change to get it to work!


yea all that + hardware finally works a lot better in the latest nightly builds of PCSX2 for alot of games. dont know if that applies to raw danger but its crazy to see fucking ace combat 4 finally have explosions and clouds…it actually looks like the ps2 game now


Raw danger on real hardware looks like it is suffering emulation issues anyway


boyfriends been playing botw cause the new zelda, so i simultaneously just started going through zelda games for some reason? i don’t quite know what, something like wanting to contrast botw with the older games and also maybe reassessing and remembering what the older games where like.

the first two games are really good as these difficult to parse nes games with lots of mystery to them that doesn’t quite survive replays or opening a faq. the second game has a nice slipperiness and physicality to fighting. hearing the ocean waves in the first game is an incredible detail that i don’t know it really repeats anywhere else.

a link to the past is a game of moments, and otherwise kind of cute. i gotta be real, i already don’t remember much of how i felt about it cause link’s awakening overshadows it really hard. link’s awakening looks really nice, is absolutely adorable, has a more fun to use set of items and ways to interact with the world, and the music is so good. i had forgotten that every dungeon has its own musical theme, which comes across as overkill for a gb game.

ocarina of time has a great mood in forest temple and shadow temple and jabu jabu’s belly speaks to me in that i love gross organic textures that never stop moving. otherwise… it’s ALL RIGHT. tbf to it, i’ve never really gone into it unspoiled having to solve anything because my first intro to it was getting the guidebook for FREE with DK64, and only getting interested cause after reading the guide i had to also see all this stuff.

wind waker is garbage. terrible. it’s a game that looks great, sounds great, most of the time FEELS great, and it’s also so, so bad. the islands feel the same as a lot of those simple 3d platformers/action games that were primarily geared to kids at the time, doing a bit of everything but you can only do the one thing on the one path. like, you can go anywhere on the ocean itself, yeah, but the “setpieces” or whatever you’d call them, the story beats you have to play through, they are like this. and they are DULL. i had so much fun for like 15 minutes just running around exploring windfall and then it all went to shit.

at the moment i feel that i am done forever with any game that is like this so uh… no more zeldas. except maybe botw at some point. not now tho, i should do something that feels good, like kill 1000 knights in drakengard or something.


I only like wind waker and I can’t disagree with this