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even in the automated split megathread, the legacy of melty blood lives on


Dicking around in Killer Instinct on beginner difficulty

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playing that kh1fm

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@Rudie I’ve had Tyd wag vir Niemand in my Steam wishlist for age now so there must be something in its description that is appealing to some, so I wouldn’t feel too bad for getting convinced it is worth a shot. The part where you may have paid a Switch premium for it when it is currently on Steam sale for $3, that might have been a mistake but hey we’ve all done stuff like that.

Also hey, look at the screenshots on the store page:

…Now I’m convincing myself to I should maybe pick it up, I’m gonna stop.


Vote for GYPT: 358 Threads Over 2


I stopped at that floating car section 20 seconds in the trailer. See the pipe you are on is shaped like a pipe so you can easily slide off on either side and then after that you get to where the screenshot you posted is and the pipe is spinning all fucking crazy and…well it’s a jump map hiding as crazy visuals. The game does look like they took unity assets and did something with them but I have been playing counterstrike for 20 years and was never good at jump maps.

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I do like jumping around like a fool, is the game reasonable at all in terms of checkpoints or is it one fall and you start the whole area over?

You’d probably like it then yeah. I stopped very early on but the jumps seemed reasonable.

I’m going to have to make a point to play this,

Confession: I have played the arcade Marble Madness with the trackball, but that music and the way the C64 handles it is more interesting to me.


just chilling to this music now


I always thought the end of the first level looked like a corpse. I mean, it could just as easily be a sleeping person but dead is what came to my mind as an eleven-year-old.

If you like the music of Gyroscope, may I recommend the following arrangements?


i just wanna say that it blows my mind that still exists and that they’re still posting stuff. when ocremix was created that site was already around, and the whole culture of it was independent of anything on ocremix (probably why there’s like no c64 remixes on that website). i thought it was too niche to be still active but i guess i underestimate how big the culture around c64 was in places that are not the US.


This was the only version I played as a kid.


I played through all of Haven in a few days, maybe the worst way to play it but I can’t help it

There is a ton of writing in there and 90% of it is « watch this lovely early 20s madly in love couple » and it’s just a good time. Both are very likable (Kay moreso) they have sex constantly but the vibe is always pretty wholesome, casual, and relaxed. The standout scene for me was the post-sex argument about who should sleep on the stained side of the bed, which is as light and amusing as it should be? Absolutely uncharted territory for videogame writing

The remaining 10% of writing is not bad either, asking questions like « how ethical is it to isolate yourself from a horrible world to find your own happiness » which is something I sort of am asking myself constantly tbh

Exploration has become an absolute burden lategame, how could it not? You always do the same thing over and over and there’s only one kind of environment in the whole game, with maybe a different skybox and grass texture from time to time. All the tiny inconveniences early on snowball into major annoyances as you experience them over and over without enough change of scenery

I did like the ATB battle system, which remained simple but tense enough thanks to every hit mattering. But otherwise I only explored for external reasons like seeing more dialogue or grabbing some new stuff to bring back to my haven like Juste Belmont hoarding wardrobes and candelabras for his weird room

Man I think if exploration was Just Mediocre instead of Fucking Dire this game would an absolute classic but it’s probably bound to be forgotten as it is. On the other hand it’s really one of the only very few pieces of media and first videogame I’ve seen to joyfully capture that particular feeling of youthful exuberance so I cherish it a lot. Also you level up by sharing a bottle of cider at home. 9/10 tentative GOTY


Sad how true this is. I had written the game off after seeing a lot of the gameplay but good to know it’s doing what it aimed to do quite well.

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extremely accurate life simulation


There’s an epic post inside of me that would stand side by side with Parker’s recent post praising RDR2 as this beautiful, dedicated outlaw sim. But it’s not ready to come out yet. I’m still playing the game, have been for a week now or so. I used to hate its got damn guts, but that was when I played it through the bad-feel of a PS4 controller at a subpar framerate. Now I feel the weight that I was intended to feel. I see the detail all over. I feel something for my horse. It’s lovely.