News & Gossip VII: For Blood and Headlines

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We should’ve posted a little slower to end the thread on the exact day AC VI comes out


News VII Remastered

News VII: Advent Crisis


Two thoughts on things needing to die quick in FPS games, first if that is how it works then how do boss encounters work, and second are boss fights in FPS games a terrible holdover from 2d action games and should have no plae in a first person shootman game

Bullet sponge enemies are okay with me if the game is forming a distinct taxonomy, where [use weak gun on many weak enemy] and [use strong gun on single strong enemy] are core game knowledge. Many enemies in very good FPS games past, present, and future are spongey, like the Blowjob Brothers or the Furless Yeti. It becomes a problem when they’re ALL spongey, or they ALL require lock-and-key divination to figure out, because then you’re not really expressing yourself through your play. That’s my take on it anyway.

Nothing feels greater than facing a tough enemy, knowing what to do, and deleting them in ten seconds because of your smarts or planning. Nothing feels worse than just running around in a circle emptying ammo into a lumbering dipshit (hi Painkiller).


they should really bring that strike back


News Fantasy VII: J-O-U-R-N-A-L-I-S-M


The good FPS bosses are ones which are either 1: puzzle or 2: phased.

Type 1 is stuff like Quake; it’s not you dealing damage to the boss that matters, it’s figuring out the specific trick to kill them.

Type 2 is stuff like Destiny; completing phases of mechanics gives you a damage window, so while the boss might be spongey or even invulnerable at times, you get periods of power to make you feel like you’re making progress. This can be aggravating if there’s too many phases though (no more than 4, ideally 3 or less).

The commonality here is that just shooting at a big boss weak point sucks, as is dumping ammo into a boss with an enormous health pool. It’s not interactive, you’re not flexing your brain or your muscles, you’re basically doing an idle game.


News & Gossip VII: For Blood and Headlines


titanfall 2’s bosses get close to something like MGS or a character action game because they’re all set in titans vs titans


quickly wanna say that despite enjoying Neon White when i played it, i watched some speedruns where they don’t play the music because of copyright issues and i couldn’t last more than two minutes and it felt like a revelation


Was completely put off of Neon White because of the card mechanics. Guns or nothing! It’s an FPS!


not to harsh on the work that went into this or whatever, but how in the world can somebody make a 40 minute video essay about VTubers without even once alluding to trans people?? genuinely baffled





40 minute runtime too long to persuade anyone and not long enough to be comprehensive without a more specific thesis


That is a weak response from xtinagg. Thanks for pointing it out. I live in a blessed liberal space where people be who they want. When media doesn’t recognize the badness that exists in more conservative zones the alarms do not clang so loudly for me.


every time i read xtinagg i think of this sbn3 skit where he says “jesus christina” because of the fake christina aguilera religion they started ok phew thanks

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That is a very fair call.

oh, to be clear, i’m sure it’s a fine video that she had to make to a deadline with an editor etc so the omission doesn’t surprise me