The Official "Is Something Broken?" Thread

Ah! Hm so it sounds like F5 to refresh the page should stop the players, for some reason I thought that wouldn’t work or would lose my place or something. And someone said hitting F8 stopped them, they’re on a Mac though so I dunno if that’s a Mac-specific thing.

EDIT: Yeah F5 works, F8 does nothing.

When people delete their SB accounts does it delete threads they created? I’m losing my mind trying to find a thread, then trying to find somebody that I’m sure posted in that thread, and now i’m wondering if maybe they were the OP of that thread and so the thread got deleted

not automatically, and I never used to honor “I’m out of here, delete everything I did” requests for that reason (it’s narcissistic imo) but someone honored one recently so could be it

Aw well nbd

It was indeed an unforeseen effect – deleting the OP (reversibly) deletes the thread. It’s easy to restore them and we can avoid this altogether in the future by reassigning the OP if necessary.

edit: all of the missing OPs are back.


can the @moderators revive that non-game youtube videos thread? i remember there being one, different from the youtube channels (non-game) thread, i think.

in the axe?

This is the only one that comes to mind but it hasn’t been moved

hmm, maybe I’m just confused.

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that’s it!!

So @familyjules uses the app version of the website for some reason, and it seems the sb icon has been shrinking for the past few weeks. I don’t understand it.


lol I had this same issue and thought to document its gradual shrinking. glad to find i wasn’t alone. i just “reinstalled” the app and it fixed it.


She just told me she didn’t care, but she just thought we might be messing with people deliberately, which I thought unlikely.

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The same thing happened to the bookmarked version of the site on Android! Except not so small

are you absolutely sure your phones arent just getting bigger


it’s me

i’m getting smaller

and i’m taking the icon with me


ah, user error, was just holding the phone further and further away from me each time i looked at it.


I just figured I was getting further and further away from the website

how do I reinstall and fix it again

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i love this bug so much


I reinstalled and it was normal for a day, but now the circle is getting tinier hahaahahha


reinstalled again and it’s normal I hope tomorrow brings me a tiny triangle