The Official "Is Something Broken?" Thread

i got it working now. i had to hold down shift when reloading the page. it didnt seem to work when i cleared the cache so idk what the difference is there.

also i changed the https:// part in the filter to || as that matches http requests and requests but i dont think that matters as everything seems to be served from (??)

Even on desktop chrome they only animate when you hover over the post.

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also yes it was slime’s. i’ve been trying to block some other avatars for a long time but they were easier to ignore. i think ppl should definitely have the avatar they want, so i didn’t want to say anything.

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I had no clue it was a gif until just now. But I really love the sheer power of this single frame, kaiju screaming



so several other users have avatars that animate at all times, even in bloodpotion notifications, and yet mine only works when hovering over my posts or viewing my user profile. same for doolittle and scratch. not complaining, just curious about the discrepancy

everyone’s are like that I’m pretty sure

sykel, gary, mokushka, tuxedo, etc, all animate constantly on the different browsers i tried

for me anyway, it’s been like that since i can remember

i think perhaps its due to size (???)

the ones that don’t animate in some places (for example in the users list) seem to be using the plugin that felix installed (???)

Some users had gif avatars before Discourse stopped supporting them upstream. Those animate at all times. I do not know exactly why this is, except that until this new plug-in there wasn’t a way to circumvent the sunsetting based on research on We try not to write custom features outside of the CSS because we don’t have a regular Ruby dev on hand, hence the plug-in.


they animate on mobile for me and they look so much smoother like playing games on a gba micro for the first time

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site was down for a while because my automatic cert renewal script that runs in the early on the 3rd of the month needs to fetch upstream updates, and upstream had broken for long-running sites like ours:


I felt like I was lost in the desert, I kept saying “I should share this on Select-- Oh no”


bless u for wrangling server bullshit all morning :pray:


you saw me tweeting in desperation, you know

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anytime – just hoping that upstream being a little more unstable lately doesn’t become a trend. this software has been pretty darn good for 7 years now and we have a pretty opinionated deployment…


learned some weird GIF avatar behavior:

  • you used to be able to skirt the square aspect ratio with a gif but now it only shows the non-square aspect ratio on hover like it would for animation
  • it also resizes non-square animated GIFs automatically

I “solved” this by making mine square with no extraneous transparent area but just FYI

We’ve added a CSS component to enable video embedding behind the “hide details” tag. This should not affect any other part of the forum, but please note the change and let us know if there are any issues.


Weird edge case for posterity: links ending in an exclamation point apparently break unless aliased to something else e.g.!


[Contradiction: Spot the Liar!](!)

No idea where the issue crops up but it doesn’t seem worth investigating through markdown, Discourse, etc. to preserve embed previews where the path ends in !

Is it just me, or do other people get YouTube videos you’ve played farther up the thread starting themselves playing again after you’ve been scrolling down the thread to catch up?

This generally happens to me when I let the news thread go for 100 posts or something. I go there, start reading down, playing a view videos one by one, probably stopping them partway through. Then I guess I task switch to another program or tab or something and come back, I dunno, but at some point all of the videos I’d watched farther up the thread start playing their noise. = o ALL OF THEM AT ONCE! ; )

Anyway it’s weird.



I think it’s a Discourse bug that’s been around forever