The Official "Is Something Broken?" Thread

Report anything broken here. @ me specifically so I’ll notice it.

Things I already know about:

  • The update this morning implemented aspect-ratio resizing on OneBox images, but it wasn’t working well with our custom shit so it was stretching out topic bodies. I’ve temporarily forced OneBox widths down to 500px (using % and stuff was still causing the topics to stretch).
  • The divider at the bottom of threads isn’t full-width anymore. I’ll fix that next time I’m in the admin panel.
  • Several typefaces are back to Arial. Some people are seeing incorrect colors?

I’ll probably just see about re-doing our components in general since they need to be cleaned up anyway.


Oh my colors aren’t broken! It is the “ONE COIN” theme I forgot I even had active lol

Yeah, I thought it was weird because that color code doesn’t come up anywhere in default.

I’m going to be changing how we resize posts at some point tonight. If you notice widths off or anything, it means I’m probably in the process of switching it over.

First of all, thank you @villain for how much work you put into this site.

I want to share my thread on PS2 games with friends outside of this forum. However, when I’m not logged in, the post looks blank. It’s in King of Posters so shouldn’t it be public? Sorry if this is a dumb question.


Every thread is blank when I’m logged out.

Yeah, for me too

Yes, I know, I’m working on it.


Disabling no blood potions option while I work on fixing the logged out issue. I have it still enabled on White Belt so I can test it still, so if you use that theme, you might see some shit break.

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@MintyJuffowup @Thenar @Ymer I believe I’ve fixed the problem. I’m going to enable the component again and it should now hide the blood potion icon from people who choose to have it disabled and logged out viewers (and posts should display fine for people logged out). Make sure you ctrl+F5 if you’re still having issues.


Thank you!

what the!!!



idk about bird potions really

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excuse me please provide either a cannibalistic or vegetarian option

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  • Verdana is back.
  • The divider at the end of a thread that wasn’t full-width is temporarily hidden because it was annoying me.
  • I’m testing with getting custom SVG icons working, so if the like icon disappears or is something weird for a while that’s me fucking with it. i’m trying to get pie since fontawesome’s free shit doesn’t let you have pie and i really wanted blood pies.

Just came here to ask why are we now giving out blood drumsticks
Is the blood from the chickens or are we dipping them in the blood?

in some cultures giving blood chicken is seen as an insult i think

They’re chunks of blood shaped like turkey legs. like those jello salad things.