The Official "Is Something Broken?" Thread

You know how you can click the little reply counter at the bottom of the screen to switch it to a scroll bar and jump around inside the topic? I don’t know if it always worked this way, but on Firefox, it will only allow me to click to specific point on the timeline; I can’t click-and-drag the way I did on other browsers. I can’t remember if this behavior was ever different.

hmm I’m using firefox and that works fine for me

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my friend is trying to register for the site and is on linux on the latest stable firefox release and discourse says his browser is unsupported, what do i tell him to fix it

he is assuming he has to update his OS i dont know ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING though

you should never have to update your OS for something like that, it’s possible the Discourse devs just don’t like Firefox very much or he’s running some plugin that disables scripting (as Linux Firefox users will tend to, I am profiling your friend here)

I would say: use a fresh chrome install, not our problem

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I’d try disabling add-ons or using another browser


cool hes in



the what now

for me, this means adding the site to one of my android home pages from within my browser. this creates an icon that launches the site in its own “app”, which is really just an instance of my browser without any of the browser bits, like the URL bar, bookmarks, etc. it’s nice to have it in its own container, since i treat SB as its own little social space rather than part of the internet at large

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Is it just an electron app? That’s what I always assumed.

nah, Android doesn’t use Electron when it makes a sandbox like that, it’s more like a native sandbox

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I made it do this on my phone years ago, have no idea how and am terrified to change anything because I don’t want to have to figure it out again. Luckily it’s survived through multiple phones because google saves all your apps and preferences in the cloud

You can also do this on iOS fwiw. Tap the share sheet and scroll down to “Add to Home Screen”

I prefer just having a bookmark in browser but to each their own

There are actual ways to serve Discourse through an app but the reason you’d want to do that is if you’re collecting telemetry, which we will never do


blocking admins is broken, their posts show no matter what


@Felix i’m not seeing that plug-in installed, let us know when you can bring the site down to put it up

I’m on vacation


anyone else having no images load on mobile. happened last week, was fixed for a few days, then started again this morning. could be my bunk browser i suppose.
edit: nah not the browser. maybe it’s my phone :nauseated_face:
double edit: restarted my phone and now pictures just work again. i fucking hate computers man.



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has two-finger swipe to go back stopped working for anyone else? granted, I haven’t use gestures for a while but it seems to still work on the Meta Discourse site