backloggd (letterbox for games)

This reminded me I used to use Backloggery at some point when it was a small thing among some people in the IRC at the time. Dang, I really haven’t logged in since 2011.

I think this is that Ken’s Rage gallery theme I liked. Yeah, it’s pretty chill.


I’m on backloggery, I love how it looks like the web of the early 2000s

I don’t particularly have any interest in algorithmic recommendation engines for games


How do you evaluate if you’ve fully engaged with it or whatever?

I really appreciate that you list one 1-star game and it’s spec ops: the line.


I use Backloggery for this purpose too, to catalogue what games I’ve played and write mini-reviews so I can remember how I feel about them and not feel the need to replay all these games once all the way through every couple of years to remember my impressions. Still very incomplete though, need to add in lots of other games I’ve played. Check the “Page Note” section to understand how my rating works - anywhere 3 and above are games I like. Only 1-star games are games I really dislike, while 2-star is a “mixed”. I find it way more helpful (for myself) to be way more granular about rating my positive feelings on a game than my negative feelings.

Add me there! The Klonoa banner is an illustration I made lol


holding out for a true letterboxd for games where the most popular accounts either give twee one sentence reviews on how much of a girlboss samus aran is or marxist analysis of wwe crush hour


I have a friend who uses these kinds of apps and has literally thousands of games in his backlog and it gives me second hand anxiety.

I just keep track of my shit in a Trello board.


These kinds of sites are bad for me because they inevitably lead me to think about what numerical score I would give to the media while experiencing it, and it’s an awful reductive approach

It’s worse for movies than for videogames though


Yeah I use backloggery, I gotta make my page pretty at some point

I echo sakurina in that I like how no-nonsense and purposebuilt the site is. It’s basically an excel spreadsheet that other people can look at


Paging @satanwasanta the biggest backloggery fan I know!

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GG is the one I’ve been trying to use (my profile). I am ideologically allergic to the term “backlog” so Backloggery just wasn’t an option. Its interface is nice and clean. It’s basically the most like Letterboxd, so I like it. It’s kinda bad that it doesn’t let you specify what platform you played something on, but also I’m glad it’s not overly fidgety about stuff like that either? I can’t figure out how to add games to it, which sucks, because a lot of games I’m interested in aren’t on here, but this is the on I’m in on.


indeed! yes, i have over a thousand games from various bundles and bargain bin buys and passing fancies that ebbed before the disc arrived by ebay, but it’s not a backlog! and it exerts no weight on my mind! i play what i fuckin’ want

that this site has a “want to play” but not a “backlog that owns my soul” list is my favorite thing about it, maybe

the little tagline at the bottom from the site’s developer mentions their backlog though lol


I think regarding the dichotomy between “want to own” and “want to play”, I will only buy stuff that I do truly want to play so my backloggery page functions as both simultaneously.

I definitely recoil in fear when I see people who have, say, every game they’ve ever gotten in a humble bundle or whatever on their backloggery page. I think that’s weird and unhealthy


was thinking about setting up whatever the hip static site generator is this week and blogging a paragraph or so re: everything i played


I will always extol the love I have for Backloggery!!! I’m at Satanwasanta Backloggery

For me it scratches the itch exactly what I want for personalization in cataloging, pleasing aesthetics for viewing and sorting the collection, making quick social media updates and ratings, and seeing friends playing/collection updates. Games are typed in manually and you decide how much or little detail you want to put into it. I love the simple rating system, marking games as “Beaten” is always a great feeling, and you get neat little badges for beating a bunch of games in a row or adding a bunch to your collection or other little niche actions.

It has it’s foibles but it’s a small community site run by the user Drumble and he’s hard at work on an update to correct some of these as the site has been what it is for over a decade now. Also two of his friends, Try4ce and CouryC, run an awesome youtube channel My Life In Gaming

The main issues are:

  • the community aspect is lacking. You can make comments on peoples pages but you can’t find people playing your same game or go to a hub page for a game or system and read/participate in reviews/discussions or anything like that so your only way to find users and interact is to know people on there or find random users on the main page.

  • your updates aren’t saved so once gone, they’re gone. There’s also an area you can write a paragraph review or so but it’s pretty small.

I don’t have an issue with this because I view my backlog as my own personal life quest (a game within the games) and so if people don’t read or see my comments I’m not worried about it. It is now the only social media site I update daily. So I keep it for myself, really, at the core because I love it and it’s one of my favorite sites out there.

edit: A further clarification, I don’t see the my ‘backlog’ as a burden but I understand the implication the word may have for some. For me the whole process of playing through a collection is fun and it’s among my favorite part of every day. Like @yarusenai if I have the game then I want to beat it so Backloggery reflects that.


I have my own backloggery page as well (under my non-SB name oh noes) that has apparently been up there for… 11 and a half years now. Yikes.


I use Glitchwave all the time just cause it’s pretty active and you can see a lot of reviews and people talking in the comments of games, but it’s so stuck in an unfinished state. I’d probably pick Glitchwave as the place to write reviews on, and read others. Hope it gets updated soon.

Backloggd seems like a literal letterboxd for games. I don’t use it a ton, or the same way as letterboxd just because games are a different thing, not as quick to consume, but I like how active it seems. There are people writing comments and responding. That’s fun. Here’s my profile if anyone wants to add me :slight_smile:

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just to be confusing I use another name on backloggd


Stop attacking me everybody :cry:

I’m trying to get better I swear