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When there is less closed/new topic chaos this could use a sticky :slight_smile:

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I gave this thread a dumb new title, but if anyone comes up with anything better then we can def change it!
Edit: Changed it again


fwiw I just came in to say this thread title is great



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So I finished Killer 7 and it ended with a “The End?” and a new title screen that said Killer 8. I am never gonna play this game again so am I missing anything by stopping here?

Nope. You’ve seen all the story Killer7 has to offer.

Well, aside from reading the officially licensed comic books.

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Is there any reason to continue playing Dragon’s Crown Solo or am I just going to feel increasingly sad?

Definitely stop, yeah. That game was a lot of fun with a bud on a couch, but no, you can just stop soloing and you’ve gotten most of it.


Are the Switch wireless SNES controllers permanently discontinued or is it just a temporarily out of stock issue?

If discontinued, any brands that offer a decent alternative?

They periodically restock them but it might be months.

8bitdo sells pads with very similar dpads and dimensions or conversion kits for original pads

On that note does anyone want to dragon crown multiplayer?

Prompto Quaestio

Love to but you’d have to wake up st 4am America time

I can actually do that


Oh for real? Like 2022-01-04T12:00:00Z ? PS4? I won’t be able to talk because baby in the next room but down to try hanging out without words.


Hell yeah. I haven’t played in so long. Should we start from the beginning or…?

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I’m like 40 minutes in?

I think you need to complete a few quests to be able to play online. It’s ~lvl15