Lowering Topic Post Limit to 2k from 5k

Update: the topic post limit has been lowered to 2,000. Each affected thread has a new thread labelled (Part 2) by default. If you’d like to suggest a name, please post in this thread.

Around midnight GMT on 12/31 we’re going to set the topic post limit to 2,000 down from 5,000 before the system automatically rolls the topic over. When this change is first put into effect about 20 topics should roll over. Please don’t be alarmed.

We expect this will address some technical and practical issues with long topics going forward.


i think we should lower it to 2


happy new year 2000


Alright, here goes nothing

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after the new year, the forum was split into two, topic 1 and topic 2. that was the start of the era called the great split.


OK, interesting – it looks like it didn’t close the threads all at once, but after the next post they’ll close. I’ll go through and do this for each.

Please post any issues here in the meantime.

Update: Each affected thread has a new thread labelled (Part 2) by default. If you’d like to suggest a name, please post it here.

What’s Going On With U?

There’s A SALE On Game

Den of Screenshots is very good.

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Quick Questions XIV EndAnswer

(Non)Video game things you think about should be the same, someone else can think of a sequel gimmick for them.

Still Switchin’

Mental Health Solid 2


sorry, just saw this topic only now:


proposal for renaming included in first post

thanks! :servbotsalute:

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This is something I hadn’t told anyone but some time back when I asked myself “so exactly how long are you gonna keep listing random game names, at some point the bit has to run its course?” I decided that barring anything else coming up I’d just keep it up until the topic locked on its own.

So basically enjoy it for the first half of 2022 as the end is coming much sooner than I anticipated!


can we change the “small proud for things you today are” thread name to something that does not contain the phrase “self-inflicted?” personal trigger from working too long in the organ/tissue donation industry, sry

edit: THANKS i love the new title


I just moved every locked axe thread to the place where axed threads go, try refreshing?

Pins don’t get axed and that was my bad for failing to appreciate because I have the pins drop off when I get to the bottom in my preferences

This was one of the considerations behind the lower threshold fwiw