FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam! (Part 1)

I imagine DNF beta was scheduled long before SNK decided to do a second beta test so soon. To be honest, I don’t feel like DNF Duel is a great representation of just how chaotic and large scale DFO combat is, and I wish the art style was a bit more evocative of the source material. Ironically, I think UMvC3 would be a better model for adapting DFO (Eighting is working on this game in some capacity, but it does not look like a Marvel game so far).

I haven’t messed around with it in a while, but I imagine at this point the characters from the initial release are probably the most simple in terms of concept. I’d imagine the DLC characters have gradually grown in complexity to give long time players new things to play with. I particularly liked Kat Mynx, who’s like your multi-hit claw-based character like Darkstalkers’ Felicia. I recall Lord Drakkon being pretty easy and fun too. Looks like the release characters would be:

  • Tommy Oliver
  • Jason Lee Scott
  • Gia Moran
  • Ranger Slayer
  • Kat Manx
  • Magna Defender
  • Lord Drakkon
  • Goldar
  • Mastodon Sentry

So these people:


Thanks for the info, Drem! It’s really impressive to see how much the game has shaped up since its initial release!

Between this and grappler I think I’m set for my main.

There’s also been trailers for Dragon Knight and Vanguard, final character (at least of this batch) should drop in a couple hours.


Rollback and movelist, too:

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nothing better than joining a NOOBS ONLY room in bbcf and getting instantly double perfected by some 1k match naoto who hits me with a 6k damage combo on round start. not that I can get out of the corner vs literally anyone anyway

After the already unusual cycle of daily short character trailers, now there’s a new short DNF tutorial every couple hours, adressing such opaque topics as hit points:

Twitter is losing their shit because there’s a block button


why? this is just GBFVS Nexon Flavor

I got to play a single game of DNF Duel, as the Ranger, whose normal buttons are fullscreen gunshots. My opponent ragequit and then I was unable to connect to the game server. May or may not be fun


I love Inquisitor and her stupid giant fire wheel

Proud of this one smart thing I did when playing:

Is anyone else loving how DNFDuel’s “characters” are just class names? I’m really hoping there’s some kind of customization there.

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tried the KOFXV beta, it feels like kof by the principles, but has a unique autocombo that seems to be the only way I can figure out how to do real damage. Like you can’t link LP into HP like you can in XIII, I have no idea how max mode works and I’m not gonna look up shit in beta cuz playing it on a PS4 pad hurts. I can’t move around like I know I’m supposed to. I’ve gotten so used to playing everything on a keyboard or hitbox now that I’ve lost my pad muscle memory lol. I can’t actually play a million fighting games at once, you think I would but I just get super into one or two for periods, then cycling to the next. And I never intended to play on PS4 wifi against humans, I just want to play an arcade mode or something. That’s how I’ve always played console fighters. But not this one because it’s just a beta and there’s no single player content available for free.


You can fuck around in training mode on the kof beta, at least. You can usually do lights into command normal into whatever for damage, or be like me and just fail endlessly at trying short hop into close heavy pressure. Also light into heavy doesn’t work but it seems like there’s usually a good frame trap in there somewhere at least

I gotta admit, the new KOF’s UI is one amazing glow up from the last game. Definitely feels like the successor to XI’s UI styling, which was my fav so I’m happy.


yeah I’m also a fan of sharp, brightly colored rectangles


It’s adequate once you get into a fight but everything between the title screen and getting a match is a disaster

why am I having so much fun in bbcf. I never would’ve thought it my type of game. I tried to play strive today after playing bb all day and I was like what, no, fuck this shit and went back to bb


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