FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam! (Part 1)

This is the thread for discussing League of Fighters V, King of Pachinko 14, and a whole bunch of stuff that’s already obsolete in Japan.

So has anyone tried Xrd on PC yet? I’ve read a few complaints about microstutter, but I typically discount the opinions of people who talk about microstutter.

I messed around in training mode for a few hours and didn’t notice anything that I would classify as ‘microstutter’? Perhaps when I jump online I will know their pain. That said, I haven’t played guilty gear since #reloaded, so whatever it is I should be seeing is probably just being obscured by my excitement that I-no’s simplified inputs might make playing her not an exercise in embarrassment.

Apparently the game has a memory leak that forces a restart after an hour and some minor online issues, but initial reports are pretty positive besides that

I don’t know what microstutter is – or rather, I suspect I know what it is, but it happens in every single videogame I play on my PC, so, I think that’s just the life of the ATI card owner. Game is so gosh-darned pretty at 4k downscaled. I mean, gosh.

NON-XRD NEWS: I bought Examu’s hot new kusoge NITRO+ BLASTERZ: HEROINE’S INFINITE DUEL, and it’s… very much what I expected. It is technically fine, I guess, but it doesn’t feel like it has very much personality at all. It’s much more “standard air-dasher” than Examu’s previous games, with a lot less room for adjusting playstyles and a lot more emphasis on Marvel 3-style touch-of-death situations. Assists don’t seem very strong in the neutral game because of how long their charge times are and, again, how important it is to kill with your highest damage combo possible when you can to prevent your opponent from doing the same to you as a “comeback.” (Unlike most fighting games, meter build rates are identical for the attacker AND the defender, so if you build three bars comboing them, they have three bars, too. And blowing three bars will probably generate three bars for them if they were already empty and somehow survive.)

Also, the character designs mostly suck. The ones I don’t hate are the guest characters (seriously, the Senran Kagura character is the kinda-cool one, really?) and the glasses-girl who has lots of command throws and stabs people with the bayonet on her rifle.

Dengeki Fighter 2 comes out next week and I’m a lot more excited to play that.

I will play FightCade Puzzle Fighter against anyone, anytime.

Also I enjoy how the thread title has [st] & Steam in its title even though we’re not getting that version this year lol

OMG really? Let me put away my dishes and get setup. I will totally stream this lol

Shoot, I need to update FIghtcade.

I didn’t even know about this

I want a 3S buddy again

STREAMING: www.twitch.tv/personasama

STREAM OVER YEAAAAH - I archived it here http://www.twitch.tv/personasama/v/29298778

My roms do indeed seem to be wrong, so please

Anyone with a Mac try playing those Humble Bundle SNK games? I’m trying to play them with my Hori V3 but it doesn’t detect it? The wrapped rom games, I mean.

I think you can just pull the ROM out and throw it in an emulator that actually works, right?


Nitro+ sounds about right. Its also a game where you legit have 30 second combos.

I’m at NEC. Its my first major. Big E didn’t take me out of KI which I’ve barely played and now had to buy a controller for, i havent played Tekken in years, and i haven’t played Undernight in months. Im going to go far. Anyone else at NEC?


Officially part of Tekken lore as the killer of Heiiachi’s wife?

I don’t know anything about Tekken

I figured instead of doing a new title for a crossover, they’d just include SF characters in this iteration like how DOA5 has VF characters.

It’d be a lot less work and easier to advertise this way.

Akuma is the right choice for Tekken for a bunch of reasons, but integrating him into the Mishima melodrama is a stroke of absolute genius.

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I hope red fireball is a justframe move.

I think it’s amazing that he was present since the first Tekken 7 preview. Such a long con and totally worth it.

Now when will Virtua Fighter x SF happen?

Regarding Xrd’s memory leak, there’s no need for a restart. Unplugging and replugging your stick, possibly several times in a row, will correct it.

No matter how few copies her games sell, Bayonetta cannot be stopped.