Fatigued Souls (Part 1)

Ringed City is adequate

I might not play it because unlike with the last DLC there doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to transfer saves from an old pirate release to this one :frowning:

I’ve had one foot out the door for most of DkS3 though so I can’t be too bothered about it

I watched an lp for the ds3 dlc cause I can’t be bothered to suffer through these games anymore

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I feel you guys. I tried to beat Aldrich again a few times the day before yesterday, failed miserably each time, and pretty much decided I’m done with the entire series.

Even if I get a pee ess cuatro, I think I’m going to pass on Bloodborne, which I was hyper stoked for at launch.

It seems I’ve neither the skill nor the patience for these games any more.

bloodborne is still great on its own & absolutely worth it, and DkS3 was still fairly memorable for how unnecessary it was, but I am feeling negative need for more DLC at this point

if anyone ever identifies the relevant strings to hex edit your saves to make them transfer away from old scene releases I will probably thank them anyway

gonna be starting up a dark souls ii: sotfs run on steam in a few days/weeks. i guess the best approach would be to record a sort of let’s play commentary. this seems a lot more palatable than writing the essay i’ve been planning, because i’m a terrible writer!


definitely interested in this. been wanting to go back to dks2 recently but don’t think i have the time or energy to play through it myself.

Ringed City really is a Greatest Hits medley/victory lap I am realising

In basically every sense - level design, monsters, pickups…

It’s actually pretty endearingly done

I feel this way to some degree with each new game and DLC release. But ultimately I can’t resist playing them and I always find them compelling when I jump in.

That said, I don’t especially enjoy the challenge of the bosses. I like seeing their designs, but if not for the ability to summon other players or use cheap strategies, many of them would simply be too much for me.

I got a brief look at the first boss of the new DLC last night. I didn’t even try to fight it, I think in part because it reminded me of Flamelurker, which remains the most intimidating video game enemy in the world for me. I’ll just summon some helpers and see how it goes.

I bounced off DS3 pretty hard but I would 100% recommend Bloodborne to people who are burnt out on the series.

It’s the good one, I promise.


I know this isn’t particularly relevant but it’s just a passing thought:

Dark Souls gets a “Global Reset Day” where players start a new game simultaneously and experience it with each other for the first time again

But I really wish people did this for Demon’s Souls. The PVP was so broken but it was stupid fun. The level designs are incredibly memorable. The characters have that classic From charm that carried over through the series.
I genuinely miss that game. I wish people revisited it and played it as fervently as DS3.

I’m also just kind of bummed out that I still have never touched a PS4 outside of short visits to other people’s places. I’m missing out so bad on Bloodborne


I’m the jerk who found bloodborne kinda boring but I played it a year after all the hype so no one was playing co-op anymore.

I like the visual design of everything but I thought most of the bosses were uninteresting to fight and the actual dungeon layouts were so-so (not bad, but so cliche at this point that I could always predict where I could and should go)

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You should quadruple your work, write the thing, record your playthrough, record yourself reading the thing and then edit the footage to match. If you need any other advice on how to make your life miserable just ask


To this day I’m grateful I got on the Demon’s train when it actually came out. The thing that everyone did with Dark - playing through like a dozen times with a bunch of different builds and completely exhausting the world - I did with Demon’s, and then I ended up playing Dark like one and a half times. I’m biased of course but I think this is the superior way to have done it.

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There was like a month when Demon’s came out digitally for like $20 that was really good. That’s when I really sat down and put some time into it.

I know it’s been said like 8 million times but it’s absolutely remarkable that Demon’s, Dark and Bloodborne are three legendary, GOAT-worthy takes on a core mechanical/thematic idea that are all unique and don’t bite too much from each other such that people may rationally order them preferentially; and that the other sequels while not incredible are still Really Good games that can only be whined about relative to the greatness of the Holy Trinity.

That even this idea, so good as it is, is producing fatigue (and it is) says something really profound about the limits of exegesis and the artistic legitimacy of novelty.


I think a lot of the fatigued response to DS3 comes directly from the game’s themes. The exhaustion and surrender to entropy is communicated more effectively than the horror and even the callbacks feel drained of life.

The level of craftsmanship is so high that the game feels successful despite carving out an emptiness inside the player. I came away with similar, ‘why did I do this?’ feelings as I’d have to a mobile F2P grind game, despite enjoying every hour immensely.


dying a million times, slugging it out with a handful of pain in the ass enemies to get across these little maps etc, was mostly only ever frustrating for me. I only had about 1 and a half souls games worth of patience for that in me for this lifetime. If there was some mode where you could play the levels completely empty except for bosses maybe I’d still bother with bloodbourne

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I feel just the opposite, give me a version without bosses but a bunch of monster-filled dungeons and I’m there.

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[quote=“BustedAstromech, post:4973, topic:68, full:true”]The level of craftsmanship is so high that the game feels successful despite carving out an emptiness inside the player. I came away with similar, ‘why did I do this?’ feelings as I’d have to a mobile F2P grind game, despite enjoying every hour immensely.

I have the same reaction to J.M. Coetzee novels