Games You Played Today ##RELOAD


y’know, I forgot all about the Alpha series. I have fond memories of the PS1 SFA3, would definitely revisit that one.

but, I’m actually just going off of what’s available on PS Now, and that’s only 3rd Strike.

(now I sound like someone who only listens to music that’s available on Spotify or something… I realize I could just hook up the PS3 and get it there but a) I’m lazy & b) just paid for this PSNow subscription (totally worth it, honestly) and need to use it.

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the fight against hegel in automata was pretty much the same thing as reading him irl


Wow Snake Pass is quite good. I’ve only just played it for the last 45 minutes though, and a good chunk of that was getting that last bonus coin under the bridge at the very start, but dang it’s good to have a 3D platformer-puzzle game that requires actual skill at the way the character controls to do well.

I now have a much greater appreciation for how snakes actually navigate their environment. They make climbing around stuff look easy but it’s actually kind of tough! Several times on my attempt at that bridge coin I’d get myself into a position wrapped around one of the bamboo stalks at the edge and just take a breather before attempting it again, imagining the little snake avatar doing the same thing. I never really considered before that climbing is probably just as tiring for snakes as it is for people.

Grow Home is a good game to compare it to! That’s another game that makes movement and locomotion into something that takes actual effort to do rather than something that just happens when you press a stick or a button.

Also you can change the snake’s expressions. That’s a lovely little touch.

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yeah, I just cleared level 6 (100%ing all of these as I go, except I still can’t find one coin in the very first level) and I’m really enjoying it. it’s impressively taxing; I find it very difficult to do more than two levels at once. the spaces are pure monkeyball too; really great to visualize and move around in

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I just 100%ed the second level. I might do one more before stopping. I never played Monkey Ball but I get what you mean about the level design. While I was looking for the last coin and bubble I kept spying out every ledge thinking maybe I should try slithering along there or where things lead. The coin I was missing was the one on some bamboo shoots jutting out of a ledge near the edge of the level and the bubble was in a small tunnel near the second checkpoint that I had been overlooking the whole time.

Really interested to see how they develop the difficulty as the game goes on, which I guess is another way of wondering how crazy the levels get.

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Finished third level of Snake Pass and got an achievement telling me I was at 20% so I guess that means there’s 12 levels. Or 24 if you count time trials. Sounds about right. I’m hanging it up for now because I don’t want to burn through it.

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15 actually! I really like how, like monkey ball, the physics are such that you can “cheat” and manage weird jumps on occasion, but it never actually feels like the wrong way to play

Strong rec, sumo are the best


Hooked up my dusty old 360 today and loaded up my copy of Nier. I never played that much six years ago when I got it but I want to give it a go before playing the sequel. I also noticed that the date of my last save coincides with the last time I was unemployed, so that’s making me feel worse than usual.


There was an interesting discussion on the Souls games that was going on here and getting pretty long so I decided to take the liberty of making it into its own thread.

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so snake pass runs as long as an old bandicoot joint.

my favorite.


I am gonna start up a “traditional 40 hour+ with narrative game” that I have played but never finished in a hope that I will play through to the end like I used to back in the day. Question is which one?

I want to try and get through Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy 15, and Valkyria Chronicle I am just not sure which way I want to go. I doubt I will finish Final Fantasy 15, but I want to play it more to see if there is anything worth wile in there. Leaning towards VC, I loved what I experienced when I first played a bit of it.


Valkyria is the most interesting, most fun, and most respectful of your time of these three choices.


I’d go ME3, with the understanding that it is not most people’s favourite mass effect game (though it absolutely is mine) yet you absolutely need to have some knowledge of the prior games and should probably import a save to get the most out of it.

valkyria is good but it gets pretty flabby at times, and a lot of the systems (the weapons) and bossfights are not what I would call respectful of the player’s time


valkyria is bad in most ways outside of the surface level aesthetic/mechanics


I was driving at this a little bit earlier, but snake pass also has one of my favourite mechanical contrivances in videogames: if you fuck up, there’s at least as much chance you were going too slow as too fast


re Snek: I guess I just can’t get over how slow that snake is. Like, real snakes are coiled balls of energy that unleash. And this thing is so incredibly slow. Does it ever get fast?


you have to slither to pick up speed!


left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right jump fall off the level die

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enjoying nu-xcom 2 but quickly feel overwhelmed by popups about the many different things i’m supposed to be paying attention to between battles


I played the first 2 on the Xbox, and have 3 on the pc. I am a touch worried about this.

I should probably hunt down a save file or something.