Games You Played Today ##RELOAD

Has that been done already? I can’t remember.

Anyway, I spent like half an hour doing the alterna-tournament for the GameFAQs best game ever thing and it made me really want to play Cave Story for some reason.

So yeah, I played that (and some Bookworm Adventures earlier for a silly reason).

I’ve never played it before.

It’s really charming! And quite fun! The music is great! I’m now collecting the stuff so I can build the bomb, which I assume is really, really early. The guns are fun, but I kinda suck at jumping. I’m having trouble figuring out the last moment I can jump from a platform for the most distance. Frequently I jump too late and fall to my death. Getting better though.

There was a big Warframe update and it had a neat thing so I’ve been playing that every day again.

Been browsing my Steam library for something new to install though. Will probably install Civ 4.

I coincidentally started trying out Warframe again right before that new big update came out. I’m putting some more effort into modding weapons with damage in mind so now I can actually kill enemies on the later planets but I still feel like defense missions are impossible when you’re playing by your lonesome, blocking my progress through some areas. I got Ember (started with Mag) and I don’t think I play her right because I just maximized my energy and try to make World on Fire rock indefinitely as I pick up more energy but boy does it look pretty. I’ve been thinking of finally trying a void level but I don’t know how hard those are to solo and I’m always afraid to waste premium items in F2P games like these.

That’s probably a good way to be playing ember I think. I might be able to give a syndicate mod that’ll beef that up too. I used to struggle with her, but people seem to like her since she’s been buffed up a bit.

Void exterminate missions are all easily soloable (at least 1 and 2 in the beginning). It’s also real easy to jump in with other people via the recruiting channel. All the T1s are pretty easy really, but you might just need to be a bit more familiar with them.

as a crosspost from old and busted SB: The Prequel, the best game I have played today was putting a DS3 back together again. I had taken it apart to clean it, but apparently it did not like that since you could activate buttons just by shaking it and then when I tried to play some Miku (shutup) it decided to freak out. so clearly the only option was to take it apart. putting the shoulder buttons back together is just the worst.

I guess I also played some Assault Android Cactus, where I’m two S+'s away from S±ing the whole campaign and after I do so I may explore that thing where you delete a game from your Steam account to get this game far as far away from my life as possible. fuck these later levels, there are some evil stuff (the S+ I got today was more or less on a stove top, so you;re dodging bullets, killing things and not standing in fire to death).

Games I’ve given up playing today:

Inazuma Eleven - Really found the soccer gameplay to be a bore, and the characters were too uninteresting for me to care about advancing the plot.

edit: I also stopped playing Azure Striker Gunvolt because it’s a pretty competent Mega Man Zero clone but it’s not bringing enough to the table to make me want to keep playing. The pacing feels a little off, kinda? Also replaying levels/trying to fulfill bonus objectives in order to unlock upgrades just feels like padding which doesn’t help.

I’ll give the game credit for having a non-gender-binary character that isn’t really played for laughs/as a taboo. The other characters even use gender-neutral pronouns without making a thing of it. Not sure if that’s as it was originally written or if it’s the result of a somewhat more sensitive localization team. Too bad zhe dies like, immediately after being introduced.

Working on finishing Telltale’s Game of Thrones and the new Strider.

Also looking for an actiony title to play when I can’t invest too much time on games. Something meatier than Downwell but lighter than a full-fledged action adventure game, if that makes sense


Yeah, there’s one that also knocks down every enemy caught by it. I’ve got a spare, so grab me if you want it.


Oh, thanks a lot! I’ll hit you up on Steam later. I’m not sure what I have that I can give you in return.

I attempted the Void 1 Exterminate mission last night and while the regular enemies seemed completely doable I had my first syndicate hitmen come after me, some eximus ancients, and I literally could not see their health bars changing no matter how much I shot them. There were a bunch too so that was the end of that. But I liked how the level had laser beams and walls that moved up an down. Although they weren’t exactly everywhere they added some dynamism to the level that I think the rest of the game sorely needs. It was also nice actually having to think about how I moved and aimed rather than having all the enemies get steamrolled, which is the case most of the time I play especially when some other player joins and literally runs straight through the level with everything dying in their path.

More Cave Story yesterday. Got to the outer wall.

Still not great at the platforming. I think I figured out that it’s something with momentum that isn’t clicking with me… But I got the machine gun so I just fly around with that.

last boss on Cactus

6 intimidating-looking but really manageable phases capped off with it summoning squares and triangles to hump your lifeless body

I will never full chain this thing

S+ or death

DESPITE MY 64-HOUR WORK WEEK, I still play some games

Been doing Hearthstone on breaks at work. The conventional wisdom among contemporary players is that for this game to be fun, you need to have started playing 18 months ago. Which is when I started playing! And yeah, it’s a lot of fun. The League of Explorers expansion has brought some much-needed balance to the game and slowed things down. Good set.

Picked up a few games during the Steam sale after Thanksgiving; the one I’ve played the most is Speedrunners. This seems like an obvious thing in hindsight, but it turns out that a game about speedrunning through a 2D platforming lap race really rewards those players who’ve honed their skills, and while catch-up tools exist, skilled players can dodge those, such that you are guaranteed never to win unless two good players sabotage each other enough that you can sneak past. Still pretty fun, and you don’t NEED to win in order to earn points toward your next unlock.

Still plugging away at Fallout 4 every evening. I stand by my conviction that 3 and New Vegas are more similar to each other than either game is to this one, which is admittedly flawed, but still engaging me enough to really enjoy my time with it.

hey bud i know the feeling of working 60+hrs a week and gaming, fight thru!!

used to work 60-65 hrs/wk and game 15-20 hrs a week as well, when i was at the height of my CSGO obsession

im still obsessed but now thankfully prioritize a bit more, so i have about 750 hours or so between my accounts, still only legendary eagle unfortunately…

other than CS i’ve been playing LOVE which is a really compelling pixelated platformer with a very defined jump arc. feels really good to control and get better at. not usually a fan of platformers (get sick of being bad at them fairly easily) but i quite enjoy this one.

e: hey neat steam embed!! i dig it

Yeah, that’s slick! Apparently links on their own line automatically generate summaries, which makes for a helpful heading or division break.

EDIT: Added linebreak links to my earlier post. They’re a little much, but at least I have it out of my system.


So Cosmic Smash is just 3D minimalist Arkanoid huh?

Box Life

The DSi Ware version of the Art Style GBA game made by Skip. All the thrill of working at a box factory where they give you an endless sheet of cardboard and ask you to cut perfect straight lines with a scissor by hand and then fold it into a perfect cube. If you play in the “Factory” mode you earn a wage and when you hit specified earnings your character slowly progresses from sleeping on the grass to…??? I am not that far into it, but I own a bike now – but still sleep in the park. The other version is “R&D” which is essentially a timed challenge mode with preset amounts of cardboard. Its got a nice aesthetic and is enjoyable!

Played Westerado: Double Barreled today because I’ve seen it on a few year end lists from some critical organs I respect. Surprised it hasn’t been discussed more here as it really evokes the spirit of the early Fallout games and fulfills the promise of an open world moreso than any other maximalist AAA attempt this year. Also, the pixelated graphics aren’t just there for retro hipness, but call for your attention to detail, which is something I’ve personally been waiting for in the indie realm.




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I’ve been bitten by an RTS bug lately. Went through the first two Starcraft II campaigns and did some random arcade maps with friends. Mostly going in to see if I could really find something to enjoy about it as a competitive platform and maybe find out if I could find a way to appreciate any competitive footage. Not sure I can yet. I’ve still yet to feel like I can get a proper grasp on all the unit interplay. Feels like to much about numbers behind the units instead of some kind of logical connections.

Also going back to Dawn of War since I’m also feeling thirsty for some WH40K stuff again.

I fell into a Diablo III pit again. Please send help.