Games You Played Today ##RELOAD

i am sucked into monster hunter (4u) and it feels so good
working through 7-star caravan missions, going to be putting in some co-op work tomorrow too so i’m looking forward to that. also planning on introducing my hunting buddy to rez

So I realize lately that I really really like Retro City Rampage DX. I like the look, the music, the feel, the billion and one references to '80s movies and games. Just the whole lot of it. Clearly it is a labor of love and maybe that’s a large part of the appeal.

But also because it’s a pixely GTA-like packed to the gills with little easter eggs and such. Really looking forward to the sequel.

@ArOne i considered playing sc2 recently but i think if i was going to get into it i would want to be Master/Grandmaster rank and i just don’t have the time to dedicate atm

campaigns are probably hella cool, i never beat sc1 campaign but i really enjoyed the story

i’m writing up a big post about competitive gaming actually, i figure star will make an appearance

If you are over 22 years old your clicks-per-minute reaction time is already on the decline, according to the average measures

I have no intention of climbing the SC2 ladder but I wanted to see if I could find any other “e-sports” platforms that I’d be able to appreciate as a spectator. Feeling like fighting games are the only thing I can do this with. Aside from me finding Counter Strike horrendously dry, I can’t really get into watching FPS stuff since there are so many viewpoints and factors to consider to get the whole picture at a glance that I don’t feel like I’m understanding the whole game. Kinda wish competitive TF2 was a bit more visible because that was a game I could follow the scant few times I saw a commentated team match at some event. I guess I’m just waiting for overwatch to see how that can grow because from playing the stress test beta I feel I could enjoy watching that as well as playing it.

Ouch, that is a depressing sentence. I still don’t understand that whole sphere of gaming where you are either a mental twitch superhuman or living garbage after so many clock ticks. I’d love to understand it better.

Yeah, I have similar reservations for anything competitive that involves a team. MOBAs seem antithetical to fun, but I guess it works for enough people that this is now a genre unto itself.

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I have never met a MOBA player that actually seems like they have any fun with the game. The whole genre is terrifying to me. Why would I want to play a game where I just get yelled at?

I wonder if MOBA-makers consider that a serious problem or if all the angry people buying skins pay they bills and they don’t care.

MOBAs can be fun, it’s just that often everyone on the teams are trying to have fun in different directions and think their brand of fun is the best and can’t understand why everyone else is off on their own.

I know personally that I rage a lot, but I always make sure to stop it at yelling at my monitor instead of taking it out on other people, unless they’re just absolutely terrible people.

today I found out that the Boss Rush in Cactus can be done with an S+ too and now have resigned myself to doing that. why does this game hate me so much

my go-to for newbies trying to spectate CS is to pay more attention to the radar than the specific action being taken by the person on screen – the ‘shape’ of a team, how they are set up on the map to hold/give up/take certain chokepoints, etc.

I mean, MOBAs have to have something that makes them worthwhile.
Otherwise people wouldn’t dedicate hours of training to learn to play well and endure one of the most toxic online communities in the history of the medium if the games were just mediocre… right?

Hypothetically speaking if I got Oneechanbara Z2 Chaos I’d say I was surprised the game got a full dub and that I was impressed by how fluid the combat system had become. I would then be somewhat disappointed because the entire reason I would have gotten the game would have been to challenge the frustratingly strict combat system I could never manage to generate even a basic competency at in previous games. Now that the series had seemingly loosened the combat mechanics I would not be able to satisfy that desire which would have made me spend money on the game in the first place.

It’s okay to admit it, just like how I own Shinovi Versus. Aren’t both games by Tamsoft? Sounds like they loosened the game up to make it flow better and also for the perverted nerds. SV is fun because of how fast and loose it is (for those that haven’t played it because boobs, it’s like an air dash musou).

I think I might like the sequel more if it’s not so packed to the gills with references. I mean hell I like that kind of stuff but I need a hair more nuance.

I heard just today they’re toning down the references in Shakedown Hawaii and just having more comedic writing/satire in general so that’s going in the right direction (on top of looking really nice with the bigger, more detailed characters and everything else).

To be honest I thought SV, from what little I played of it (I’ve been meaning to try it again) to be incredibly shallow and un-nuanced to the point it felt really boring. It was like a mainline Dynasty Warriors game where you have moves that don’t meaningfully connect with each other and the enemies were just a crowd of people in an open space. Does it get better?

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I have no intention of climbing the SC2 ladder but I wanted to see if I could find any other “e-sports” platforms that I’d be able to appreciate as a spectator.[/quote]

Well, consider spectating speedrunning: it’s a way of turning any PvE game you already like into a competitive “e-sport”. I recommend the AGDQ/SGDQ events as a starting point, there’s commentators explaining what you’re seeing and you can start following runners you like from there. For example, the AGDQ 2014 Super Metroid race is already a classic:

You could do what every other Diablo player is doing. ‘The season ends in one month, I’m not playing until the new one :<’

Darius Burst CS is a hell of a lot of fun y’all. Pricey but worth it.

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I demand that if 2.4/season 5 hits around the holidays, we form a selectbutt grind team

dibs on monk

I think the game suffers a lot on the stages where it just fills rooms with weak mooks for you to thrash; in stages with a few massive enemies or you fighting another booby ninja with a few other enemies around, what depth there is in the mechanics gets a chance to breathe. let me tell you, it is satisfying to call out a boss attack, parry it, then have your combo explode their clothes.

(not that I want to see what’s there, I have some shame, they’re high schoolers for god’s sake)