. .: :[ LET IT DIE ]: :. .

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I don’t even care about ascending the tower anymore since I’m stuck on 18 for so long but damn if it isn’ fun to login daily and do a couple of raids. Last time I checked the time was clocking at 150 hours and I think most of them are just in the lobby listening to music.


There’s one song I heard on a raid that I’ve never been able to find on the radio. It was instrumental, so I assume it’s one of the songs you hear in a normal level. Maybe I just haven’t made it high enough to hear or unlock. It was kind of a pulsing synth tune without percussion.

I’ve been running around in familiar floors and upgrading things lately, but I think I will start pushing toward floor 30. Hopefully I have overprepared for the next boss as I have for most of the previous ones.

I found a new favorite weapon–the cleaver saber. It was the first blueprint in its tier that I came across, and I haven’t even bothered updating the sword (though I will use the fiery version when I happen to pick one up).

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I might beat this game. I have five-star fighters now and I have barely died at all since the early 20s or so. That required some grinding to get upgrade materials, but as long as the runs continue to be fun I don’t mind it.

The 30+ floors remind me a lot of Disaster Report. I’m at a point where it seems like it will be a pain to upgrade my things to the next level, but that may not even be necessary since haters and hunters drop extremely powerful weapons and armor that can be repaired using a Fun Fungus.

It’s kind of expensive to use the elevator now, but I tried out the Lucky Star class last night and combined with the cat decal that seems to ensure that I always collect a lot of money. Hopefully the luck stat also means consistently good items from bosses and chests as well.

It’s always a dilemma whether to use an express pass on a particular day, since most of the 24 hours will of course not be spent on the game. I have not used one in a while. (I did get the 30-day pass once, to support the game as well as for its advantages.)



I hadn’t been playing this lately because my video game time was taken up by Everything and then the Dark Souls 3 expansion. But tonight I decided to see whether I could finish the game without doing any more grinding, and I did.


Nice! Congrats! On that note … they announced yesterday-ish that they’re adding new floors and 6 star fighters gulp.


I have been sick on my day off and played a whole bunch of this.

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I am still playing this way too much. The Pay2Play wouldn’t even save you since what I need is better equipment and that is just grind grind grind.

Man! Floor 23 Goto-9 is a bastard. You have to have those slowmo shrooms for the last 3rd of his healthbar. There is no way around his rolling attacks. I am almost ready for the heartbreak of challenging him again. But also maybe just want to grind for better equipment for a few more hours. If I beat him I am sure I can reach high enough floors to get 4 star fighters and them be on a much more even footing for survival amd grinding on 20+

I need to stop playing this game.


throw a bunch of crushrooms into the arena before you enter it

goto-9 will eventually eat them, and while they do that, you can just wail on them

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Loki what classes do you use? I have accidentally 2-3star All-rounders and a 3stsr Lucky Star.

LS is real good at getting lucky but also seems to get unlucky more often I’ve died 3 times from them getting Dizzy.

Started keeping notes on the materials I am done with.

Got 5


Is that the one that tries to push you off the roof? Happened to me a couple times.

Part of the fun of that game is making a run through things that are much too difficult to fight, just to reach a floor that unlocks the next fighter tier so that you can then go through again and clear those floors properly. Even better when that includes a boss that you are under-equipped to fight (but not so much that you can’t even damage it, of course).

However, once when I was doing that, I came upon a bug that I hope they have fixed by now. After I beat the enemies in a trap room, the door never opened and I was stuck forever. I had to restart the game, which of course counted as a death. I forget exactly where that was, but it ended up being a dead-end floor anyway so I just avoided it from that point on.

I remember asking myself periodically whether I should keep investing the time to progress. But even with the grinding, it was just too compelling to quit.

Fun fact: @DaleNixon and I beat the game on the same day.

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floor 23 goto-9 is the one that pukes up skellingtons

i just use all-rounders because i’m too scared of the weaknesses that comes with the strengths of specialised classes. i have considered making one of the high-luck fighters for gathering money from the lower floors though

don’t throw away materials, even crap ones can come in useful later on when you least expect it. the thing to do, though it takes a lot of willpower, is to use death metal to upgrade the item storage in your pase instead of using it for continues. in case you don’t know, you can get free death metals from certain missions (from naomi’s laptop at the arcade), and by attacking lots of enemy bases when your region goes to war (a couple of thousand points’ worth should get you like 1-3 i think?)

also sometimes when psn has a big flash sale you can get them for way cheaper than normal, like 30 for $5. i wouldn’t normally advocate spending money on, or even playing a free to play, but let it die is so different and so much better than the rest that i think they deserve it. though if they did a thing like spelunky ftp game did this week and release a version you can buy that just has everything in there as traditional non-paid unlocks, i’d do it day one.


I mainly used collectors, because of the additional inventory slots and because they can use some of the most effective weapons (such as cleaver saber). I also always kept a striker around for troublesome bosses. I found it kind of strange that the collector can use weapons that the striker can’t.


This may be my favorite Roguelike still


Jeez 4star are so much more powerful than 3stars. Hate I have to spend time grinding. Guess I should start focusing on various quests.

Also hate that the game is somewhat demanding I grind that goto-9 fight I just barely survived. Maybe it will be better with my 4star.

Guess I should look into how long until 5star if I want to upgrade my whole team.

Do I want to keep a 1star around for high level item runs? Seen it referenced but dont know the whole deal.


This floor 26 jindie is a real asshole.


That previous post is still true but it doesn’t matter.

Can you cheese Taro the same way i just cheesed Crowley?

The boss cutscenes in this game are terrific.


This song kinda became a primary 2017 theme.

I haven’t seen the lyrics clearly written out other than yt comments, here’s my take:

Let it die. Make a difference.
Let it die. Don’t give the end.
Let it die. Trust it first time.
Let it die. Tell me cruel, and I
Always see you there. You’re always there yourself.

Can you really show the color that is inside?
Can we really see the truth and lie just like this?
Who is looking for the distance? Who is looking from the distance?
Suffer through perfection.

Let it die. It is hopeless.
Let it die. Don’t feel me out.
Let it die. Nothing’s broken.
Let it die. There’s no sense/sounds.

Always see you there. You’re always there yourself.

Can you really show the color that is inside?
Can we really see the truth and lie just like this?
Who is looking for the distance? Who is looking from the distance?
Suffer through perfection.

Let it dieeeeeeeeeeeieieieeeee

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I found buried treasure.