. .: :[ LET IT DIE ]: :. .

the thing with lifeshrooms is that they don’t exactly rez you, they add 25% (50% if grilled) of your health bar to your health basically. if you have 500 health and a lifeshroom, and an enemy hits you for 750 damage, you’re still gonna die. it doesn’t interrupt any animations when it activates either, so it’s still really easy to get stuck in a combo and killed. that said, though, yeah, it’s still pretty vital to have.

I’m, like, halfway through this game, on floor 23, and have a lot of thoughts about the game!!! so I’m just gonna dump them here:

I can def see where the grind really sets in. losing a high level character on a far up floor sucks, and if you retrieve them yourself (provided you have another character thats just as well equipped to get there!!) then they don’t bring anything back with them. you can have uncle death retrieve them and they’ll have all the stuff in their death bag that way, but it costs a ton of kill coins. it cost me 66000 kill coins to retrieve a character on floor 23. that’s a hell of a lot! on top of that materials can be hard to find for good equipment, esp if you’re upgrading them. and if you want a gaurentee that you don’t die, you’re constantly spending kill coins on equipment and weapons for pretty much every venture, because everything breaks pretty easily in this game. it is possible to scavenge for everything, I guess, but it’s stressful and dependant on hoping enemies drop good weapons and not pants all the time or w/e.

honestly my biggest problem with the game is the haters. sometimes you can run into a hater that’ll kill ya in one hit, and it’s just not fun. it’s just kind of too random and too much? there are certain strategies you can use since they are AI luckily.

  • sneaking up on them works really well for instance. even if your suplex doesn’t do much damage you can still attack them while they’re down and getting up. knowing where they might spawn on a map def helps, as well as listening for them since theyre always so loud. I find attacking them while they fight other enemies to be less successful, as other enemies will immediately ignore them and go after you the moment they see you.

  • poisoning works really well too. haters don’t like to be poisoned for too long, and will eventually (if not immediately) start to vomit, leaving themselves completely open. a doomshroom is nice, but it’s possible that you might get poisoned by it too, and why I don’t use any other cloud shrooms like the teargas or sleepy shrooms either. the iron claw is your best bet really, because it’s quick and it’s attacks can poison them. you can find the blueprint for it on floors 11-20.

  • the fish drops a shroom that can confuse enemies. this causes them to attack each other, but if there’s no one to attack they’ll just stand there the whole time instead.

  • of course the best thing to do when in a fight with one (or a screamer) is recognize whatever weapon they’re holding and noticing the openings in theirs (and yours) attacks. unfortunately each hater has their own mastery level it seems, and of course many of the more terrifying ones pick something like the machete, which is quick and has a good reach. this means that you’ll wait for a hater to whiff their 3 attack combo or w/e, but has enough mastery in, like, machete, to have a fourth attack, and will hit you with that when you start to go in

anyways yeah. the combat in this game feels very much like, whoever gets the first hit in is gonna win 75% of the time. it can both be satisfying and very stressful.

also yeah once you unlock higher tier fighters that means higher tier haters will start showing up. I don’t plan on getting a higher tier fighter until I find some blueprints for some better weapons honestly.

there are some coo’ things about the game. I like its style! I like the loop it has, which basically is making progress by either getting further up in the tower or re exploring floors for blueprints and materials. I like the idea of its multiplayer, though it’s either frustrating, like when it comes to haters, or not super worth engaging with, like the raids. I like that different side floors rotate in every day. I think there’s 3 rotations right now? overall it’s def a game that I’m enjoying, but I dunno if I’d call it great or spend money on it if wasn’t free to play.

also there are certain side rooms you can farm to make the game easier. hiemo-jima (sp?) has a bunch of stratch tubers and a hater that you can revisit over and over to get tons of kill coins and exp for your weapons. okusa has 3 golden snails that always spawn there (which you can knock off a wall by throwing a live beast at them) and if you send any of your fighters on expedition there they’ll always come back with some. I can’t remember exactly on which floors they are on but it’s easy to look them up. I wouldn’t suggest grinding too much since it’s just, uh, boring, honestly, and it doesn’t break the game nor make you super good at it, but if you need any help getting premium decals or leveling up your fighters here you go.

also, the center area on the 11th floor has a bunch of chests and no enemies aside from a hater and an easily avoidable miniboss, so it’s always best to check it out every time you go in the tower in case you need floor 11-20 blueprints since you can ride the elevator there.

anyways sorry about the long post!!! I hope any of this info helps???


I really enjoyed this game but I now have to quit because the game starts adopting cruel predatory F2P design around where I am (15F) Grinding lower levels to get enough resources for another run was fun, when there were new things to do on lower floors, but I think I’ve run out.

And things only seem to get worse from now on

I’d still recommend this game for floors 1-10

I love the tense, desperate situations that a game like this can create. Last night I accidentally engaged a new boss (which was actually just a tougher version of a familiar boss) and eventually prevailed after a long battle with no remaining healing items and compromised armor.

Thinking this would be a good time to make a little progress and maybe unlock a new elevator, I passed through a series of unfamiliar floors that stripped me of most remaining weapons and armor. I couldn’t find a creature to eat anywhere, and one solid hit would have killed me at any time.

I gave up and turned back at one point rather than climbing yet higher, and mostly sprinted through everything all the way back down to Kaga. I don’t know how many times I’d just accepted that I was going to die, starting with that boss fight, but somehow I made it.

One reason I turned back was how many hits enemies were requiring even with the sword just before it broke and I was left with whatever I could find. I still haven’t found the metal I need to upgrade that particular weapon.


These last two posts pretty much encapsulate where I’m at with this game. I appreciate the escalating brutality of it all, in that stylish Grasshopper wrapper. But now it’s feeling less fresh and rewarding, so I’m not sure if I want to spend another few hours maybe getting closer to floor 20, or move onto a game that feels less vampiric.

I’ll jump back in a while and see.

If you think the second stratum grind is bad, floor 21 is hellish.

…yeeaaaah, not fun getting locked into a boss fight that’s possible to win against but your punches are only scratching at his HP bar. I got lucky on getting 4-star fighters unlocked entirely a couple days ago but my weapons are only at best 2-star. Too much of a damage jump between tiers here, unfortunately.

I’m in the amusement park area now, and it’s nice to see another change of scenery. I’d been nervous about trying the floor 20 boss, but when I finally did I beat him without much trouble by simply eating two transparency mushrooms. It kind of felt like cheating, but I’ve never been above using cheap strategies on Souls bosses, either. I’ll have to try him again normally just to see what he does.

I really want to bring the sword to tier 3, but I decided to spend my one and only Candle Wolf Black Metal to unlock three-star Sengoku armor instead. I figure I’ll need at least one piece at that level.

A few more things I learned recently:

  • Armor pieces actually have + and - values on them. Previously, I hadn’t noticed and was just looking at the numbers as if they were all positive effects. (The minus ones are bad.)

  • If you eat several mushrooms of the same type that create an effect for a time period, the timer is extended.

  • Sending your fighters on expeditions gets you all kinds of things. It’s kind of a pain to sort through the items that they bring back, but it helps keep the prize box stocked with money and SPL.

  • If you eat a decoy mushroom instead of throwing it, you still create a decoy but in a slightly different manner.

I saw destructivecactus’s hater once but it was in a trap room and I was too focused on not dying to have the presence of mind to take a screenshot.



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I don’t even care about ascending the tower anymore since I’m stuck on 18 for so long but damn if it isn’ fun to login daily and do a couple of raids. Last time I checked the time was clocking at 150 hours and I think most of them are just in the lobby listening to music.

There’s one song I heard on a raid that I’ve never been able to find on the radio. It was instrumental, so I assume it’s one of the songs you hear in a normal level. Maybe I just haven’t made it high enough to hear or unlock. It was kind of a pulsing synth tune without percussion.

I’ve been running around in familiar floors and upgrading things lately, but I think I will start pushing toward floor 30. Hopefully I have overprepared for the next boss as I have for most of the previous ones.

I found a new favorite weapon–the cleaver saber. It was the first blueprint in its tier that I came across, and I haven’t even bothered updating the sword (though I will use the fiery version when I happen to pick one up).

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I might beat this game. I have five-star fighters now and I have barely died at all since the early 20s or so. That required some grinding to get upgrade materials, but as long as the runs continue to be fun I don’t mind it.

The 30+ floors remind me a lot of Disaster Report. I’m at a point where it seems like it will be a pain to upgrade my things to the next level, but that may not even be necessary since haters and hunters drop extremely powerful weapons and armor that can be repaired using a Fun Fungus.

It’s kind of expensive to use the elevator now, but I tried out the Lucky Star class last night and combined with the cat decal that seems to ensure that I always collect a lot of money. Hopefully the luck stat also means consistently good items from bosses and chests as well.

It’s always a dilemma whether to use an express pass on a particular day, since most of the 24 hours will of course not be spent on the game. I have not used one in a while. (I did get the 30-day pass once, to support the game as well as for its advantages.)



I hadn’t been playing this lately because my video game time was taken up by Everything and then the Dark Souls 3 expansion. But tonight I decided to see whether I could finish the game without doing any more grinding, and I did.


Nice! Congrats! On that note … they announced yesterday-ish that they’re adding new floors and 6 star fighters gulp.


I have been sick on my day off and played a whole bunch of this.

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I am still playing this way too much. The Pay2Play wouldn’t even save you since what I need is better equipment and that is just grind grind grind.

Man! Floor 23 Goto-9 is a bastard. You have to have those slowmo shrooms for the last 3rd of his healthbar. There is no way around his rolling attacks. I am almost ready for the heartbreak of challenging him again. But also maybe just want to grind for better equipment for a few more hours. If I beat him I am sure I can reach high enough floors to get 4 star fighters and them be on a much more even footing for survival amd grinding on 20+

I need to stop playing this game.

throw a bunch of crushrooms into the arena before you enter it

goto-9 will eventually eat them, and while they do that, you can just wail on them

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Loki what classes do you use? I have accidentally 2-3star All-rounders and a 3stsr Lucky Star.

LS is real good at getting lucky but also seems to get unlucky more often I’ve died 3 times from them getting Dizzy.

Started keeping notes on the materials I am done with.

Got 5