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what’s broken about 3?

3 seems the dopest for all but the most dedicated players - so many more characters in sfa3 upper


A3 never clicked with me. It has Karin who is like my favorite SF character but the backgrounds and generic anime portraits are a huge step down from A2. The music in both games kinda sucks but A2 has Sakura’s theme.

As for what’s broken about it, I don’t really know. I saw some crazy videos where rounds turn into Marvel esque thirty second 100% air combos. Alpha 2 has some 100% custom combos I think but at least those are over in three seconds so it doesn’t really ruin the pacing.


V-ism is fundamentally really stupid and skewed towards a select few characters

V-Akuma dominates the entire cast by an embarrassing margin because custom combo is so specifically tailored to his wide array of tools

Also it’s just kind of buggy and one of the lesser SF titles polish-wise


And don’t get me wrong, I really adore A3.
Every SF game has its own dumb quality that ruins balance but I still think it’s a great game


i am not ashamed to admit that neither i nor anyone i know is good enough for balance concerns to matter in a fighting game

i just like the big roster in sfa3 upper, so many more choices! the backgrounds are definitely way worse than a2, no doubt

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snake pass is pretty good!

maybe not great in long bursts (I cleared the first three levels with all the optional stuff and then I was pretty much done for now) but the physics are awkward and challenging the way you’d want them to be and it feels good visually and such

wouldn’t call it essential yet but if you’re keen on monkey ball and/or grow home it’s a solid recommendation as expected


I like that it demands precise control from the player where most platformers with collectibles never punish sloppiness. There were some harrowing bonus coins akin to shaving seconds off a turn.

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you should almost certainly not play this KBM if you have carpal tunnel issues

and I’m (after going back to clear the fourth level, which was great) already at 27% completion after like 90 minutes (without time trials and whatnot) so I assume this won’t be a huuuuuge game

but it’s definitely up to sumo’s usual standard

initially I thought the checkpointing was kind of harsh but I think they actually got it just right


I just went back and rewatched the trailer and I’m extremely excited for all the late game physics objects now that I know how the game feels, the early levels (while quite difficult if you go for the hidden stuff!) are actually very tame


We were consciously reusing the checkpoints before attempting dangerous bonuses.

It’s quite ergonomic on a dual analog controller! Just LT, RT, and A most of the time.


What was the video before it became unavailable?

edit: very cute!


It should just be unlisted wtf I hate youtube


it’s cute when a kid does it but don’t think this excuses or wipes away the memory of your garbage pronunciation on that podcast, @geist




you know I had this thread at 4.95k unread posts and now it’s ruined


y’know, I forgot all about the Alpha series. I have fond memories of the PS1 SFA3, would definitely revisit that one.

but, I’m actually just going off of what’s available on PS Now, and that’s only 3rd Strike.

(now I sound like someone who only listens to music that’s available on Spotify or something… I realize I could just hook up the PS3 and get it there but a) I’m lazy & b) just paid for this PSNow subscription (totally worth it, honestly) and need to use it.

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the fight against hegel in automata was pretty much the same thing as reading him irl


Wow Snake Pass is quite good. I’ve only just played it for the last 45 minutes though, and a good chunk of that was getting that last bonus coin under the bridge at the very start, but dang it’s good to have a 3D platformer-puzzle game that requires actual skill at the way the character controls to do well.

I now have a much greater appreciation for how snakes actually navigate their environment. They make climbing around stuff look easy but it’s actually kind of tough! Several times on my attempt at that bridge coin I’d get myself into a position wrapped around one of the bamboo stalks at the edge and just take a breather before attempting it again, imagining the little snake avatar doing the same thing. I never really considered before that climbing is probably just as tiring for snakes as it is for people.

Grow Home is a good game to compare it to! That’s another game that makes movement and locomotion into something that takes actual effort to do rather than something that just happens when you press a stick or a button.

Also you can change the snake’s expressions. That’s a lovely little touch.

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