Twenty Nineteen


My New Years’ resolution is probably to spend less than $60 on new games all year so I’m okay if all the stuff I’m looking forward to is delayed


I’m waiting on Ketsui in English!


It is going to be very hard for me not to just import it though.


it’s really getting ridiculous isn’t it?


Here is the document on my desktop labeled games.txt

Quantum Break
Last Guardian
Stephen’s Sausage Roll
Infinite Warfare
Divinity OS
Torment 2
Nier 2
Edith Finch
Toki Tori 2
(Mystic Ark)
Elliot Quest
Horizon Zero Dawn
Neufenstein 2
Tower 57 (coop only)
Night in the Woods
Into the Breach
Hollow Knight
House of the Dying Sun
Milkmaid of the Milky Way (itch)
Bad North

Witcher 3
Alien Isolation
Just Cause 3
Starpoint Gemini

Fuck this


Gorogoa is the one


Yeah I know

They’re not in any kind of order, they just get plopped on the end when I decide I want to play eventually


Ace Combat 7
Travis Strikes Again
Resident Evil 2
Left Alive
Devil May Cry 5
Shenmue 3?


I’m happy we’re back to a world where it’s plausible people are anticipating high-budget Japanese games. Things were real bad for a decade there


Gorogoa works as a phone game, that’s how I played it. It requires more sustained attention than MPQ but mostly it’s just more engrossing.


How DARE you shame me via my addiction


I actually tried out MPQ because of you and the visual presentation is kinda old and dusty but it’s pretty fun. I can see it becoming too much for my brain when it gets challenging. It’s a pretty big step up from candy crush in terms of systems


Don’t worry, it’s not actually challenging. The only really confusing thing is all the different game modes and currencies and figuring out the optimal way to play


EDF Iron Rain


I’ll become obsessed with playing a celebrated AAA game because of the way the PRODUCTION.VALUES. clash with the strange oversights and thoughtlessness re: details that probably don’t matter to most people and I’ll whine about it online


Did you play Dad of War?


yes :frowning:


It’s time for my yearly 2019 predictions that always come true. Here’s the last two for reference so you can see how amazing I am at predicting the future:

Here we gooooo:

Fornite is cancelled after Phoebe Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates’ youngest daughter) purchases approximately 1.4 billion dollars worth of skins. The ensuing outrage destroys the idea of loot boxes entirely.

The newest craze among kids is analog slot machines that accept bitcoin, available through a loophole lobbied for by Uber that allows it to operate in cities that have taxi unions.

The Dreamcast 2: It’s Even More Thinking comes out. It’s an eight inch tall arcade cabinet with tiny controls. There are extremely tiny PCBs that can be inserted, each with a different game. It launches with Sonic Adventure 3, a gacha fighting game with 438 characters, most of which are slight variations on Sonic the Hedgehog, although a great number are just Amy in different costumes. It is released on iPhones within 6 months, and then deletes it from the App store shortly after Fortnitepocalypse.

VR goes mainstream when AirBnB releases its own VR headset to allow you to tour properties virtually. Every picture and mirror in the property is replaced by advertisements for local restaurants and Uber.

Nintendo releases Switch 1.2: Echoes. It’s got a slightly faster processor and a second screen on the back of the machine that is mostly used for minimaps and minigames in first party games.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is released. A day 1 patch changes the game into a kart racer.

Cave Story 2 comes out. It’s published by Devolver Digital and is, for some reason, extremely bloody. Youtubers love it.

Steam crushes the competition by focusing solely on pornographic tetris clones. Epic goes bankrupt.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes out. I’m just…really excited for this.

Konami releases an analog slot machine that only accepts bitcoin based on the Castlevania series on Netflix, but minus the main characters.

Alright back to your regularly scheduled programming, bye!

2 0 1 8

fortnite is then reopened by Phoebe Cates


Banner year for classic shooters: Full release of Ion Maiden, a fifth episode for DooM by John Romero and a proper Blood remaster. Hopefully we’ll see Arthurian Legends too, and I imagine AMID EVIL will be completed in the year as well.

Routine has been a no-show for a while now but there’s still the System Shock remake to hold out for. Maybe Scorn?

January is already looking crowded as is for me, Ace Combat 7 and Resident Evil 2 are already titles I’m really looking forward to. Devil May Cry V and Sekiro in March are also greatly anticipated. Might wait to see how those two play out though, along with LEFT ALIVE. I’d like for RAGE 2 to be a pleasant surprise on account of pedigree, but again, waiting and seeing.

Of titles that haven’t a set release date but confirmed for next year, I’m looking forward to Control, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Pathologic 2 and The Pathless. Respawn have at least one project confirmed and possibly another in the works and even if it is a Star Wars title I’m curious to see where they go with and beyond Titanfall. Incidentally next year’s Call of Duty is going to be Infinity Ward’s, and considering how much I enjoyed Infinite Warfare I do want to see if they have anything further up their sleeves.

Even if Bethesda are making a fuss about DooM’s 25th anniversary, I’ll be surprised if DOOM Eternal is due next year. We’ll see. I’m not as into that franchise revival as I am Wolfenstein anyway and I’d be even more pleasantly surprised if they actually worked to make the design tighter on the sequel. Likewise Nioh 2 as yet hasn’t been hinted for next year.

As for indies, waiting on Devil Engine, Radio the Universe, SIGNALIS and Blazing Chrome.