Twenty Nineteen


Speaking of “classic” shooters, have you tried Dusk yet? I picked it up a couple days ago and I’m having a lot of fun with it. The first episode is competent if a little samey, but the second episode really goes places! Just starting the third now.

EDIT: just noticed this was the 2019 thread whoops!


I’m into it.


smt5 is next year right?
uhh new ff14 expansion
grandpa may cry
catching up on indie games from the last 5 years
maybe i’ll finish undertale finally
select branson
that butt workout posted in the axe the other day


Nothing special beyond purchasing some new PC bitz
Surprise me, 2019


I mostly want to see how significant of an upgrade id tech 7 turns out to be, three years between major engine rewrites would be like a return to their 90s cadence

I also want Control to be interesting, I’m always keen to see really trippy use of 3D space even though my baseline interest in a remedy game or any metrovania is not that high


The only 2019 game I can think of off the top of my head is the “full” version of Baba is You, so that.


might be optimistic, besides that one trailer there hasn’t been so much as a screenshot since the announcement


blade of the immortal: the game


I predict that at some point in the coming year another revival of Prince of Persia will be announced.


Prince of Persia is maybe the only franchise I’ve liked every iteration of?

Doom, I guess. (Yes I like Doom 3)

QUICKEDIT: By “every iteration” I mean “every reboot”, Warrior Within is trash


Forgotten Sands? You know, the one that came out for the 360 that, ironically, everyone forgot?


Never heard of it! I’ve never owned any XBox oops


It’s honestly decent, it’s just one of the weirdest forgotten game I can think of. I always get really confused when sometimes my memory of the the Sands of Time games are in higher-detail and then I remember, ‘ah, yes, they put out a game set between Sands of Time and Warrior Within two years after the 2008 reboot which was at one point supposed to be a movie tie-in but ended up just being a Prince of Persia game released around the movie.’


I just clicked around a bit on a longplay and orange & teal + grimdark was not very encouraging


WW is trashy and full of bugs, but I remember liking the Dahaka stuff and some of the island’s micro->macro puzzle architecture.

A friend recommended and even gifted me Forgotten Sands. Very little fresh incentive to keep playing after the first couple hours, I only remember climbing frozen water/sand spouts (?). Felt very competently made but oh so tired and movie spun.


It’s absolutely bizarre it’s like one of those old expansion packs by a different developer games used to get, but 10 years later


I gotta get the Cuba Report on Prince of Persia 3D now


compare/contrast run animation with Elder Scrolls Redguard please


I feel tempted to play redguard though I have never played it before so it isn’t even a nostalgia I have. I just like that early version of the pocket guide to cyrodiil


The 2008 Prince of Persia reboot was decent and I appreciated it getting increasingly and relentlessly grim, right down to the Epilogue DLC that everyone hoped would wrap up the story and redeeming the protagonist doing no such thing.

Was The Falling King on DS any good?

P.S. Read the comic written by Jordan Mechner and A.B. Sina.