Twenty Nineteen


So, it turns out,

there are a lot more Prince of Persia games than I thought


Blasphemous is still due next year too, I’ve just been reminded.


Pretty keen on that, not least because one of the devs I work with knows the guys making it really well


Manifold Garden will be done and out this year, I suppose


prince of persia may actually be an untouchable ip now but i hope 2019 arkane announces whatever post dishonored is


Dish0nr3d and they go into the cyber-whalepunk future is my guess


I really want to like this game because on paper sounds exactly like my thing but it seems they like to throw barriers to prevent me from enjoying it. What i’ve seen of the writing seems atrocious, and if the dev blog is any indication of the tone of the game, it doesn’t bode well.

Now, I’m still kindof morbidly interested in it just for the sheer pretentiousness it exhudes. I’ll check it out if only for sadlaughs


Disco Elysium is also way worse of a name than No Truce With the Furies


i forgot to mention mount and blade 2


I like cinematic platformers.


15 games I’m looking forward to in 2019:

Heaven’s Vault
In The Valley of the Gods
Jenny LeClue: Detectivu
Left Alive
Resident Evil 2
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Shenmue III
The Museum of Simulation Technology
The Outer Worlds
Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Fingers crossed that these all turn out alright!!

We’re keeping a list of all the 2019 games on IRC here that people ITT are welcome to edit:


I ‘worked’ briefly on this and am hopeful. Only one guy remains from the student team, but he’s teamed up with a very good puzzle game level designer, Logan Feith, responsible for Four Sided Fantasy and the build of the levels in Perspective.


Play-wise, I’m very early into Prey and Fallout 4 so I’ll probably be working on those well into the year.

Also planning on making something in the new year (who even knows what)



Charlie Brooker’s Netflix’s Choose Your Own Weirdswipe inspires US indie devs to awkwardly mimic the Speccy’s palette.

A major porn company will try to get a game onto Steam.


I can’t follow the action at all :confused:


prepare to die fools


catching up on stuff supposed to happen in 2019, and adding a few titles to my 2019 list, which have to compete with AC7, the Default-GOTY-2019:

Sanic Kart Racer 3 will be a must play in 2019, and probably follow hot on the heels of having done everything there is in GB/Horizon4.

… GTR3? has been listed on a list i checked to find out what this year will bring, and… jeez, cannot believe this will really happen.

Ori2, but haven’t played the first one yet, so not sure whether it’ll click with me.

… uh … let’s see.


My prediction for 2019: Neopets is gonna come back in a big way, first with a major motion picture and then with a tie-in VR app. The app spends most of its resources on AI for the neopets, and they end up accidentally creating the world’s first sentient AI creatures. The Lifecycle of Software Objects happens irl except with Aishas and Shoyrus.



The devs literally said they wanted to name the game Elysium but they were pissed off because some other game took the word first, so they literally slapped “Disco” in there because, you know, they have 70s detectives with substance abuse problems I guess