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so nice to have a single person I trust to provide feedback on every single big game


what a hellscape I’ve constructed for myself


if it’s any consolation I just realized I made a reference to the shining because of watching ready player one on the plane last night so I’m just gonna go back to reading the new yorker in the tub



Did we all just watch RPO on the plane? I did. Rudie did. You did. It didn’t make me any less angry on a plane, but that anger was a nice distraction.


there was a cute lady sitting next to me who was kind of chatty and I spent like 50% of the film in a constant cringe but I at least reassured myself that she couldn’t hear the dialogue



I kept wondering why this looked so off-brand metal gear until I saw the artwork at the end


Someone just blood potioned an old post I had where I was pretty hard on Rohrer. Thought I should post this because I played his new game One Hour One Life for a while last night and I think there’s actually something to it.

Mechanically, it’s an intentionally obtuse Don’t Starve. Everything is fiddly and unintuitive. You can probably technically do anything by yourself, but without outside tools you can only carry one item at a time. This turns even simple tasks into long chains of swapping items and splaying out unfinished widgets on the ground.

While mechanically unremarkable, framing a survival game around the impermanence of life and the nature of familial relationships works way better than I was expecting.

I entered the game as a baby, born to (apparently) a single mother. She was frantically running around, planting carrots and gathering berries. “Stay put. It’s warmer here,” she told me. “Say F when you’re hungry”.

As a baby, you cannot interact with the environment at all. You can only move or speak. The speaking part is actually pretty clever: as a baby you’re limited to saying only a single character at a time. As you grow older, you’re given additional space to write more complex messages.

Since you’re unable to pick up or use anything, you’re entirely reliant on your mother (or another of-age woman) to feed you. My mother zipped around the small farm she had seemingly created by herself, making sure to check in every 20 seconds to see if I was hungry again.

After 5 minutes, I grew hair and my mother asked, “You know how to farm?” She gave me a hoe, showed me how to collect dirt and water the plots. “Always leave one row of carrots so you can replant the seeds.”

As I tended to the garden, my mother was rushing around creating tools, firing things in the kiln, and crafting other items I barely knew the purpose of. “You’re doing such a great job, honey,” she said as I planted berries.

Soon enough I had my own two children. I told them, “Stay here, it’s warm. Say F when you’re hungry,” just like my mom had taught me. I showed the kids how to plant berries, pile up dirt, where to get water.

My mom was visibly older now. She was rushing around to get omelettes made. “I’m so old, and there’s still so much to do,” she said. “Keep ahead of the food,” she said before she died. “There’s never enough.”

I buried her south of the farm. The kids were grown up now, running around collecting supplies. I barely saw them. I couldn’t figure out how to get the berry bushes to yield again, so I only replanted carrots. My hunger bar decreased from eating the same thing over and over.

Our hoe broke, and I couldn’t figure out how to repair it. I tried to make a new one, but I couldn’t find the right supplies in the immediate area. I missed my mom; she’d have known what to do.

The carrot supply dwindled; we were slowly starving. Told my kids to eat the last of the carrots and then go foraging for more food. I died before they got back.

“You died. Age: 44 years. Cause: Starvation”.

I started another game. “Fuk u” said my mother and she abandoned me in the reeds.




This is the best let’s play I’ve ever read


Frontpage quality post


Came across this and tt seems like Vita actually does have a MIPS in there. I think it lacks an “ME” though which does cause PS1 emulation to suffer somewhat:

VITA POPS is some kind of hybrid of PSP POPS. CPU emulation is running natively on MIPS processor and SPU and GPU emulation are running on the VITA side. This is because of the ME, which the vita lacks. But PSX games on the ARC use PSP POPS, where sound is processed through ME, we don’t have this chip on the vita so all ME instructions NOPed or skipped and we don’t have sound because of this. To overcome lack of ME Total Noob ported PEOPS SPU plugin in his TN-V, but it wasn’t best solution. CPU + SPU processing on the single MIPS processor was too hard for it in some scenarios.

At least if random reddits are to be trusted


Very interesting, thanks for the info.



So Killer7 is just out on Steam

No clue how the port is or if they actually just licensed Dolphin like the trailers implied. Even selling a “remastered” soundtrack:



Sure, ripping mp3s from youtube can be considered a type of “mastering”.


reviews seem to indicate it is a not bad port at least.


PlayStation is skipping E3 2019: