The News Grandmaster 4000


they got obsidian too, rip


Ah dang, guess there goes my hopes of an Alpha Protocol remaster.

Well, for anything but Xbox/PC.


honestly like

Two years ago I would’ve said whatever, all those tryhards who can’t stick the landing are perfect for each other

Six months ago I would’ve been frustrated because deadfire and torment 2 were so unusually good and Microsoft hadn’t failed to overproduce something in years

But all relevant parties have actually had a very good year after a long history of irrelevance so I say good for them


Alpha Protocol > Mass Effect

fight me I’m right


This is the correct opinion


In the new Warframe expansion, you get a hoverboard that levels up through grinding.

As in rails.


Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden looks pretty good and is out December 4



You could easily define this forum as “a place where everyone agrees this is true”



finally, everybody can huddle around the television at parties and play season of the sakura and princess maker 2.


The axe ia a trendsetter/predicted this before. in the year 2018.

We surely must have taken a wromg path somewhere in the past…



Can’t I just buy a Raspberry Pi, an enclosure, gamepad, keyboard, and mouse, 3D print a faceplate, install Armbian, buy 30+ games, build the source for ARM or install/configure in DOSBox for each and every game, create a menu system with game art, and tell everyone about it at parties?




I believe these people are competing with Linux port beggers for the most vocal dozen folks on the internet.




It should just be all shareware games.


I’m a little psyched for sunset overdrive PC this weekend though I was planning on trying spiderman at some point before the end of the year still and too many insomniac open worlds at a clip can make jack a dull boy so I guess we’ll see


I found Sunset Overdrive surprisingly dull in the couple hours I put into it, falling into Microsoft-flavored Corporate Punk more than the SunnyD Punk it wanted to be.

But that wholesome tone was perfect in Spider-Man’s world, so I’d jump on that first.