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Is this game part FMV? I thought I’d become immune to uncanny valley sometime over the last 5 years. But everything I’ve seen of Quiet Man cranks the uncanny valley into overdrive for me.


Curious what conclusions will be when people get to really go deep in with the thing. As I understood it the PSP PS1 emulator (which is all the Vita ever was running) is pretty much the best official one out there even beating what the PS3 had. This because parts of PS1 code could be run natively on the PSP’s hardware which is why it got so many slightly enhanced PS1 game ports made for it.

So if that’s the case then the emulation itself should be just fine?


phew, that are some tough numbers, yeah!

… and tbh, count me in for those 80%+ of people who almost never plunk down cash for DLCs.
otoh, if that means games that are done™ are 0.5% more likely to happen, hey, i’ll be the last to complain!


I have a sealed Steam copy waiting for a late woozy Bumpass night…


Hmm, Firaxis with Civ and XCOM, Paradox, Creative Assembly with Total War? Makes sense for them because people play them like multiplayer games, returning frequently.

Half-Life Episodes


If Kotaku is to be believed, it’s running off an open source emulator, which would be even more baffling.


Sorry to burst your bubble but if it’s true PS Classic runs on Vita hardware, that’s got an ARM processor instead of the MIPS that PSP and PS1-PS2 had.


I believed there was no way the voiced version would ever make me “rethink everything” like the advertising implied it was trying to do.

Uh, guess I was wrong! What the heck!? Now I need to watch another playthrough not just out of curiosity but because I need to see how this story comes together.


Oh I see! So then PSP- (and subsequently PS1-)emulation on Vita isn’t perhaps as perfect as I was led to believe?


It’s interesting that SE feels the FF15 Comrades expansion (the online multiplayer mode) is still worth investing in, splitting it off into a standalone game with on-going support (rip the PC version). I’m sure making new content for that is a more financially appealing option than full-scale single player DLC but I wonder how many people are truly interested in picking that up even as a standalone game.

Word is also leaking out that at the Dissidia 3rd anniversary tournament stream this weekend SE’s is going to announce a free-to-play edition of Dissidia NT that will function like Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Killer Instinct, where it’s the full game but with a rotating subset of the roster available to play for free. That’s another game that bombed but it appears SE feels they can still salvage something out of it with a re-launch, just like FF15 Comrades. Although since the arcade version is still actively getting updates and the console season pass is scheduled for content through at least February 2019 there is still an active content pipeline for a while. If this news is true I hope this at least gets me a second year season pass!


Will it be this year’s beyond two souls rudie edition


we all hope


Jason Rohrer (who still remembers the discussions of if Passage is art and The Castle Doctrine is problematic?) is at it again. This time he invites you to possibly be his mommy and raise him from baby to adulthood in One Hour One Life:

(video probably explains it best?)

Curious about just how long it might take for this particular open persistent massive online multiplayer world to descend into complete shit.


It’s been out for a while (so any streamers looking for something weird will have already passed through), but if this gets it a wider audience it’ll inevitably be subject to greater troll pressures; I don’t think it’s conceivable it’ll be big enough on second release to grow past ‘small welcoming roleplaying community that persists’.


I don’t know enough technical details about either of the emulators to make a statement on that front, I was merely pointing out that the hardware wasn’t the same. MIPS is a relatively simple processor architecture to implement, and Sony knows it really well, so I’d be fairly confident the Vita emulation of both PSP and PS1 are very accurate.

To me, it always felt like the PS1 emulator on Vita was just the PSP emulator running inside a compatibility layer, and judging by stuff like the PS4 Parappa remaster and Castlevania collection, it’s seeming more and more likely.


oh. my. god.