The News Grandmaster 4000


they’ll just send someone there to stand on a stage and pull out a napkin with ‘idk crash bandicoot vs uncharted or some bullshit’ and read it aloud and get game of the show


At least we get one less awkward speech from a Sony executive wearing a 1,000$ blazer and bluejeans.


This is amazing. I love games that make you play two different games at the same time


eventually shit like E3 and TGS will just be hosted online in virtual reality, with virtual booths. play demos of stupid games nobody will remember, watch goofy fucks parade on a virtual stage to talk about their stupid video game console or the future of gaming or whatever the fuck, chat with developers, toggle the goddamn booth girls off (are those even still a thing? i hope not). all of this without having to inhale somebody’s body miasma or run the risk of getting somebody’s sweat on you, nobody to bump into you, all of the asses screaming betrayal will just be doing it in the chat rooms.

i guess E3 should just be second life. but in my head there’s more of a geocities aesthetic.

E3 and stuff like that stopped really exciting or even interesting me in like, 2005 or 6. i figure the stuff that will appeal to me will probably just pop up on itch dot io or steam, but i’m also not the target for E3 since i’m not paid to write about video games nor do i manage a babbages. i hope it all came down to somebody being like, “man, i don’t want to go to fuckin’ L.A. or have to deal with any of this shit”, and a bunch of people in the boardroom agreed, so they said fuck it!


Did they do this? The soundtrack files sounds pretty good to me but I am an ignoramus about audio quality. The GC version was definitely painfully compressed in places, especially the little puzzle solve guitar arpeggio.

Mouse control in menus is definitely a good sign! Tho lol this game is going to be so easy with mouse aim.


new vanillaware game delayed indefinitely


No this is completely baseless and unfair speculation, steam reviews seem to report the soundtrack sounds uncompressed and high quality. I’m still suspicious of what “remastered” means in the context audio whose life has been completely digital.


aha this is so much more tonally repulsive than I could’ve imagined

the movement doesn’t even feel good


Right? Insomniac is way too good at polish for that game


and they didn’t put spiderman on sale for “black friday” which means I’d be waiting for xmas to save all of $20 on it and given that I just refunded this, OK fine


This, but also off-brand Winback.


winback already IS off-brand metal gear


OK it was already sounding lowkey really really good but


The mangaverse spider-man being a costume in Spider-Man: The Video Game, or whatever it’s called, is quite the pull


Marvel’s Spider-Man

caused me quite a bit of anxiety as I debated how to alphabetize it

So I thought back to the lodestar of my Gamestop days.

Never forget, it’s Bourne Conspiracy, The Ludlums


Hah even Christman is chipping in, shocking change of policy


Christman has been leaning gamer for a while now, in five years he’ll be in the muck with the rest of us


It’s a v good game from the half hour or so I’ve tried

Seemed to lay the amnesiac thing on a bit thick but otherwise can’t think of a thing to reproach

Art’s gorgeous, writing is good and hard boiled, existing VA is solid

Don’t remember the combat or level progression, those are usually the weak points



I have a friend who’s the Humble rep that signed this team and when I bug him about this game he only smiles mischievously


Paprium update: The company and support emails have been suspended.