The News Grandmaster 4000


Heck of an ARG they’ve got going.


This Killer 7 port is really solid and sharp. Really glad this got released (as someone who played the crummy PS2 version)


this is going to happen so wake. up.


M2’s next shotTriggers is ESP Ra De!!!




this looks real good

For anyone wondering about the visual style difference between the screenshot and trailer, the 3D models are optional and only available if you play in OpenGL mode, which I think looks a little nicer. They’re entirely cosmetic, though – software-mode players will just see sprites.

I was wondering about that thanks comment section

update: it is good. 35fps?


I say this everytime Sonic is in a car but holy shit I get angry whenever Sonic is in a car.




I am shaking


Even if Sonic got in a Flintstones car?


look we’ve been through this, sonic drives in a car when racing because he’s the fastest thing alive and the only way it would be fair is if he’s in a car like everyone else or he would always win

this is the canon explanation


Rob Zachny re: Fallout 76 on the waypoint pod: It’s like… what if Daggerfall but worse.


Guess the backlash worked.



how is this one Ubisoft team so actually responsive and well-intentioned


These civ intros are so good I showed them to my girlfriend once. I still get choked up when that girl goes to space or becomes president. So nice.


Brandon has translated a video on the history of Umihara Kawase, which includes prototype videos:


The kind of world music, end of history, globalized tech progress “Civ opening cinematic” is: classic; beautiful; utterly at odds with the backstabbing competitive bullshittery that actually composes Civ gameplay. I actually think these cinematics are hugely responsible for all the people who, like me, play Civ wrong by turning down the difficulty and avoiding war and trying to play it like a city builder


incredible looking

i mean if we are just spitballin’ here maybe I am not super jazzed about dual character swap zelda puzzling as the meat of a game but man wow look at that whipped buttery spread water those freshly wood fired pizza lighting fxs and them extra smooth hummus motion tween arcs

oh here you are sir did you order the nintendo superdisc 32x mana mother smoothie as a little baby years ago here you are sir here is your smoothie we vitablitzed your dreams and there was a little extra so we put it in a to go cup for your doggies of course all our ingredients are healthy for doggies too and the lid is also a disposable bowl no thank you sir the pleasure is ours