The News Grandmaster 4000


maybe pretty enough to overcome the game’s writing



this sounds like asmr the videogame. from the pitter patter of the footsteps to the text scroll, very aesthetically pleasing



this looks great but I’m kind of tired of games (both indie and otherwise) abusing filters and post-processing to create the like over or undersaturated “aesthetic” look

it’s rarely used tastefully, I’m tired of everything looking like it has a cheap instagram filter over it!


how can you survive in 2018



Dear Toups (and anyone else),

Please tell me if you think Moon Fields abuses this reprehensible technique. I am serious.



From what I have seen of it, it is far from being a bad offender.



ah yes, now this is true authentic videogame visual production


I’ve always preferred Master of Orion to Civ not just because I find the space theme less dull but because it plays up ruthless empire-building a lot more. Even the peaceful victory condition of getting voted emperor of the galaxy is about bribery, undermining other empires without them noticing you’re doing it, and realpolitik alignment.


I dunno, I think Civ deliberately opens the space to be able to appeal to both kinds of players. What it loses in depth it gains in breadth.



alpha centauri is best civ game.


that’s a weird nickname you have for Civ 1 on the SNES with the SNES mouse


I am so glad a game told me to poke a statue morning an aborted or died young child.



Take-Two has abandoned the trademark for Agent. No idea if this means the project itself is truly cancelled or if it will reemerge eventually under a new name, logo, etc.