SB game idea megathread


playing a fighting game while playing warioware at the same time


A Pokemon game where you play as a random encounter and try and avoid capture


A game where the tutorial, objective messages, and interface conspire to convince the player that the only method of playing this game is to engage in behaviors that lead directly to the worst possible ending. Like, imagine if in Undertale, instead of trying to kill you Flowey spent the whole game encouraging you and giving you directions how to kill everyone, combined with the UI pointing to the next area not genocided and the ‘ACT’ button was a hidden feature only alluded to in some books.

EDIT: I guess this could be a pretty good metaphor for certain types of mental illness.


Sremm & Punishment


jersey shore v.s. vanderpump rules: new age of heroes


Dating game idea: In this game, your dates are not stupid. While having someone who shares their interests is good, they’re also interested in someone who is genuine. So if you go up to the basketball player and they ask you what sport you like and you say ‘Oh, basketball!’ when you do not like basketball, they know.
So how do you know what things you enjoy? By trying stuff. Your interests become visible by your reaction to trying stuff, and you can also try to cultivate a interest in something. You won’t always succeed. Such is life. But that’s okay, because the date’s scoring is squishy. Basketball date wants ‘Basketball is my favorite sport!’ as an answer, but they’ll be happy with ‘I love swimming!’ if it’s genuine.


Drag house manager/matriarch


to get to the ending in an adventure game you need to call the writer and talk about your decision making and life problems, they will decide what you deserve and e-mail you an expansion pack that has your ending in it and a personalized message


The first true walking simulator worthy of the name.

None of those dumbed down wasd controls, it would essentially be 3d first person Qwop

Features gorgeous levels and a deep story that #reallyMakesYouThink


Player Unknown’s Golf?!

It’s PUBG but it’s golf: one hundred balls, one hole, zero caddies. You spend half the game trying to find where the fuck your ball landed, another half deciding if the Pro-Grip HandMaster tape should be put on your niblick or your mashie, and the rest of the game franticaly racing over the island to find the randomly-located hole.


A rogeulike where the RNG bias is indicated to you through tarot cards.


An indie wargame that isn’t fucking Advance Wars again.


A tactical squad management game set on a far-future dying earth after geoengineering has moved all uncontamined water into a single giant sea ringed by mountains. Earth’s orbit & rotation are fucked so a quarter of the lake’s shore is shadowed and experiences a bitter winter that slowly advances on your current base.

You migrate away from the winter and find previously-inhabited, delapidated bases. Thanks to the post-singularity works of your ancestors, they are mostly functional but curiously the majority of damage is not from weathering but from some violent physical attacks.

The core game loop is skilling up squads to investigate breached seed vaults but the self-defence systems are still somewhat operational and trivially maim any squaddie. A good run is entering with 15 and leaving with 4-5 walking squadmates + casualties/items retrieved from downed companions. Repeat until you discover the grossly-unbalanced artifact OR the encroaching winter forces you to decamp.

there’s a whole bunch of plot stuff with a pantheon of AI archons/caretakers who have fallen into internecine squabbling/general disinterest/critical failure + space refugees who fled to avoid contaminating their racial purity but the details are vague since I was febrile brainstorming on day 2 of the flu


A board game about financing exploration of the new world and extracting the wealth of the native inhabitants & their lands that’s a thinly-veiled lesson about colonialism’s legacy. (I might actually try to make this)


A text adventure that’s about managing a team of software devs through 3 months. You have a weekly calendar you have to juggle and find time for one-to-ones with your four reports: your conversation choices & subsequent follow-up actions affect their hidden stats (motivation, stress, etc.) and at the end of the game you get your unclear results from their responses to the management survey.


Play as: a dog


Since you are a coderperson I personally demand that you create this game


First I have to play every tactical squad game I bought after I recovered for research. Really looking forward to putting in the hours on Fallen: A2P Protocol!


it’s not a full game idea, but a tv show-themed game where the pause menu looks like teletext


A hacking game all about low-tech means of bypassing high-tech security. Can’t just walk in the front door and drop a keylogger on someone’s computer? Take a picture of their maintenance worker’s uniforms, source one on the web, and waltz in that way. Or get into an elevator by yourself, put it in maintenance mode with a key you got off the net, then wait there until after hours and have free run of the place. Or just leave a keylogger virus on a thumb drive in the parking lot and hope someone plugs it in to see what’s on it. There’s dozens of ways to get around these things.