SB game idea megathread


work time fun 2 job ideas:
apple store genius
hedge fund intern rpg
pose for foot fetishist demons over skype
overly complex custom pc building
first person pest control
drunk roller coaster attendant




You run a sumo stable. Develop training regimens and customize them individually on your rikishis’ (wrestlers’) body type (fat hippo or strongman?). Try winning more and more bouts and develop high ranking contenders to generate more income from prize money, advertisement and tourists wanting to visit your stable. Develop youth programs or buy prospects from overseas. Compare prices on groceries and look for deals to fund the massive amount of food intake that fattens up your fighters and experiment with diets.

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Up morale by improving facilities, investing in a better cook or by taking your rikishis to the Geisha district after a good Basho (tournament). Discipline them when one gets into a bar fight and smears the name of your stable. Bribe officials and buy wins (short-term gain, long-term risk of exposure) or instruct your rikishis for more antics (which ups their popularity but can get them sanctioned by Sumo’s governing body). Find a repairman when the toilet cracks under the weight of your fattest rikishi and take your stable on a team-building weekend.

Goal is to become the most prestigious stable and obtain the highest rank of Yokozuna. A real-time strategy/ decision making/ management sim.



Ok I got another one.


(Spanish language version: PELOTAZOS FRIJOLEROS)

Your pitcher just beaned a batter and the other team is out for revenge. Dodge bean balls for as long as you can (Punch-Out style), then, when you get hit, charge the mound and enter a Double Dragon-like slugfest, commentated on by the booth. The more balls you dodged, the more charged your team’s power meter is, meaning more combos, special moves and bullet time at your disposal. You rake up points for clean hits, injuring players, KO’s, crazy collisions, signature moves and “extra style”, of which after the brawl you can watch snapshots and share them online.

hideki%20matsui%201%20kopie brawl-phils

Alternatively, instead of taking a swing at the opposing pitcher, try holding him in a lock while other players pile on, and enter a sort of football/ rugby-type scrimmage. At which point it becomes a reflex/ memorization/ rhythm game where you need to press the right button at the right time to move collectively, plaster the other team against the fence and keep 'em there for as long as you can.

Create a team and custom design your jerseys. Unlock new stadiums. Browse through monthly upvoted snapshots’ best. Compete in online high score rankings or fight another human opponent head to head. Make the name and logo of your team be feared and respected throughout all of basebrawl.

Baseball-themed beat em up where the goal is to dodge bean balls and beat up the other team.

tumblr_msinqub8eg1roqda3o1_500%20kopie river-city-ransom

Imagine River City Ransom/ Nintendo World Cup like characters with baseball caps and jerseys.

For combat I imagine Double Dragon-like mechanics mixed with ragdoll physics. You hit a guy, he falls back and bumps into the guy behind him who bumps into the guy behind him and falls on the ground. A guy who came charging trips over him and then a teammate jumps on him. Stuff like that. Chain reactions.

Kinda like that mode in Burnout where you crash into traffic and watch the ensuing damage unfold, only here the fight keeps going. Dont know how possible something like that is (I have zero knowledge on game development), but heck I’m starting to like my idea.


doom clone with monster designs by keita amemiya

also the monster sprites are digitised photos


a mod for gone home that turns it into an adaptation of the 90s kids game show finders keepers


You are a depressed salary person living in a megapolis. Each day is a struggle. One day you wake up to find you have laid an egg. The egg speaks to you, asking you to take it to the basement of the largest skyskraper in town, but you ignore it.

Some time later a swat team shows up at your house. You escape only because the egg warns you. Having nowhere else to go you take it to the basement of said building. There is an enormous, ever descending, system of tunnels down which you run, ever harried by SWAT-style soldiers in unmarked uniforms. The egg tells you what to do. It helps you separate SWAT members from their colleagues, take them out, steal their rations and weapons. You learn to build traps and to hide yourself.

Eventually you reach the bottom of the tunnels, where there is a stone alter shaped like a nest which pulsates with a wholesome earth current. The egg, therein placed, begins a process of psychic and physical renewal which washes away the toxic society on the surface.


You are a little child. Each morning your mother gives you a sandwich and a kiss on the head and you head out into your backyard. From your backyard you can see a tree, off in the distance, which is perfect for climbing. Its a long journey for such a small child. It goes through the fields behind your house, then through the schoolyard (empty, because its summer), then through a wooded area, and finally across a huge parking lot next to an empty stadium.

You take your wooden sword and head out each morning.

Its a roguelike, but periodically mundane reality yields to childish fantasy. You might imagine that a section of the game is sci-fi, for instance. Monsters and items you pick up in each section are them appropriate, but you can carry them from section to section.

Thus, you may pick up ray-guns in the scifi section and then carry them into a swords-and-sorcery section. This underlies some of the strategy you must employ to win. A la Shiren, there are periodic safe zones. One zone is (for instance) your abandoned schoolyard, where there is a coke machine from which you can buy a coke if you have the money.

When you run out of HP it just says “You got tired and went home.”

Maybe earthbound looking graphics?


the whole game is one street, and you’re a kid and its summer. explore your friends houses or the woods or something


is there an option to smash the egg instead of placing it on the altar?


Dark Souls style “good” end


You can’t smash the egg, jerk.


“You can’t smash the egg, jerk” is the name of the game now.


So, you are a martial artist. Master of a half-dozen styles, renowned throughout the world as being in maybe the top 100 living martial artists.
You have decided to teach a student. Right now they’re just some kid with dreams of stardom, but you can see it in them. The Potential. They could not just be a great martial artist, but the greatest. Maybe ever.

Yes, you don’t get to create your own character, but instead you get to make the student. Decide their motivation for fighting, dress them up in whatever clothes you want, pick how they look and what style they start knowing. From then on, you’re playing the teacher, who is a well-defined character of their own.

So, some lessons you assign your student don’t require your presence, so you can go off and wander the woods fighting challengers, punching bears, and recruiting other students to practice in your dojo to get money. Some lessons are more hands-on- most of them are essentially rhythm games to yell at your student when they mess up or give them encouragement when they fall down in a tournament or whatnot. Sparring is special. While it uses the same combat engine and mechanics as every other fight, the point isn’t to beat up your student, but rather to demonstrate to them how to use a technique they don’t understand yet. So if your student isn’t blocking, hitting them a few times with a damaging attack with a big windup might get them to learn to block.

Ultimately, of course, your student leaves your tutelage and goes on to fight God and win.


What happens if you spend too much time punching bears and not enough time teaching?

Will your pupil(s) abandon you to go train under your old rival?


Bears learn from spending so much time with you and beat god


These are both great answers.


space hitchhiking

like you go from spaceport to spaceport getting rides from strange aliens and the game is just talking to people and finding out how weird the universe is

it has to be mostly about interacting with weird aliens

and you can’t pilot your own ship


Ok, here is a spiritual sequel to Corpse Wizard: Gelatinous Cube.

You play as a gelatinous cube defending its territory in a dungeon and trying to reproduce. Adventurers of the standard classes show up trying to fuck shit up. You, as the cube, can melee attack them, but you are weak. You can also absorb one opponent at a time. They are slowly digested while this happens, but as long as they are alive you get attacks based on their class.

If you absorb a fighter, their sword pokes out of your cube that you can stab people with. If you absorb a wizard, maybe you can do ranged elemental attacks. If you absorb a thief, you get a speed bonus. Maybe there are stealth mechanics.

As the cube, you can also extrude temporary walls. In the long term you are trying to build a nest to reproduce a certain number of offspring cubes. Maybe there is another mechanic where you can lay slime trails to guide the behavior of other monsters or your baby cubes.


an organic/pharmaceutical chemistry VR game that you can get a degree with

doesn’t alert authorities if you try to make lsd


polyamorous outrun