SB game idea megathread


my dream The Punisher tv game is an set in a modest open-world New York City with several Away Missions with design inspired in part by Hitman. mostly diagetic soundtrack but where a score appears it is inspired by prurient and things like that
the central plot hook is, over the course of several time skips, the world is changing. rapid advances in technology and wide-spread mutations are becoming more common in the world and frank isnt getting younger. can an old man keep up? a colourful cast of Marvel characters feature and this would culminate with Frank’s slaughter at the hands of Daken. what becomes of him is a UniSol take on the Frankencastle concept.


instead of making rdr3 or gta6 rockstar should do to Hard Target what they did for the Warriors, except instead of Van Damme you play as Brimley

just an old cajun bastard trying to make his way in the world with nothing more than his wits and a bow and arrow


a game about being a dispossessed person trying to escape toiling for colonial overseers who expropriated your livelihood and criminalized your existence

A roguelike of peasant revolts and failed communes

Yes I have been reading The Many-Headed Hydra


some kind of crossover between theatre directing and lemmings


WarioWare RPG


“warioware mmo: kill your warios”
teaches u how to write c in the most accessible way possible somehow
provides shigeru miyamotos address at the endgame so you can turn off your computer and kick his ass


House - You are a haunted house. Draw in and concentrate psychic turbulence and use it to do various spooky things in an attempt to get rid of your tenants.


something pretty close to that already exists! haunting starring polterguy on mega drive


An action game with optional stealth/nonlethal mechanics, where nonlethal ghosting is interpreted in the narrative as the protagonist being a vain jerk that’s more concerned with having a perfect record than the lives of the people who are depending on him to complete the mission.


This is literally Ghost Master


A fighting game where each warrior must write a short poem covering three randomly chosen themes before each match. A crowd judges each poem by a rubric and their scores are translated into stat boosts for each otherwise generic fighter.


This might be hard to build a critical mass for, so it could also work that each player has a set of submitted poems whose cumulative rankings determine the power and style of their fighter.


a standalone handheld sim city clone. like a tamagotchi, but it’s a city in there.

you could even use the tamagotchi time scale of 1 game year = 1 real day


a trivial pursuit rpg with the atmosphere of a SMT game (its nighttime and everyone is an asshole to each other and smiles like the joker)


shake the device to make an earthquake


i’ve had, for a long time now, the idea for a standalone handheld video pinball game with similar features!

combine physical reality with videogame reality :open_mouth:


people gave the DS shit for having a microphone that you couldn’t use for anything but the combination of using a touchscreen and occasionally blowing into the microphone to do something made me feel more cyberpunk than anything before that (other than the virtual boy)

it doesn’t take much to blur the lines for me though


@tulpa post yr idea for an open world rpg modding simulator


Madden: The Gathering


taking leopold szondi’s personality test at the beginning of an rpg. fate analysis is really good game name too