SB game idea megathread


You play as a member of an order of warrior monks. The monks belong to a religion that is in the ascendency. Your character, something of a truth seeker, refuses to readily accept the self justifying theology of a religion which has the unreserved backing of the state and society. His extreme skill in martial arts means that the elders found it convenient to tolerate his dissenting, often heretical views. Finally, however he is informally exiled from the monastery. He then makes a life chiefly of sifting through ancient and forgotten ruins that litter the desert, stopping only when he has to in oasis settlements for basic supplies and to occasionally work as a mercenary to pay for archeaologixal digging tools etc.

There are lovingly rendered ruins, statues, inscriptions and friezes, pottery shards for the player to discover and explore. The player is encouraged to explore these by the sparsity of other quests ( they spawn every 30 mins or so of playing time ). Compelled into the ruins by the lack of anything else to do, the player is left to make what sense they can of the game world’s ancient past. Archeological areas contain no enemies and are purely based on exploration. Mercenary quests are played in a diablo style action rpg style.


You are a lame person

Your physical disability generally compromises your defence of your street from rogue cops gone militant but defend it you must


I might post my own lame ideas or comments later, but for now, I gotta ask, have you been following the development of [URL=]Ultima Ratio Regum[/URL]?


this is me irl tbh


Never heard of it. The guys online persona reminds me of a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson character. Looks interesting but slightly disconcerting the degree of detail and thought going into a niche ascii game about mysterious artifacts.


stand-up comedy fighting game a la def jam

founding fathers vs post-reagan america musou, best mode is the disgaea 2 item world adaptation

deadbeat dad belt scroll, the babies will fight for you in due time

exes become default npcs like how bosses become common enemies

hip hop brutal legend starring the wu tang clan. 972 playable characters. kill martin shkreli and suge knight. kinda like suikoden kinda like dynasty warriors?

wwe dynasty warriors

look for “wwe smackdown ps2 extreme moments” on youtube. think of what you just saw in a gothic fantasy setting


poke a man, a metroid 2-like finite collectable platformer where you have to poke every man in your city, softly, with your index finger , collecting each poke without them knowing it



although “wwe in a sci-fi/fantasy setting” is actually a videogame concept they’ve planned a couple of times but never really followed through with. there’s lots of concept art floating around the internet for various failed projects.


I appreciate all the ideas for lame video games itt. Keep em coming.


Reasonable Taxi

Drive a taxi around picking up customers and getting them to their destinations on time without breaking any traffic rules. Better tips for really safe driving. Soundtrack by The Offspring


Run around and shoot a bunch of people until you yourself get shot. Repeat forever.


Actual not lame game idea: Shadow of the Colossus style horse riding game. Online mode with horse rearing and breeding. Can choose to do one or the other or both. If you just breed you can sell to or team up with riders.


jrpg with tactical fps combat system. the maps the player fights in are procedurally generated every encounter through importable autoCAD files. or maybe reverse engineering of source engine maps?

sokoban as an fps

shin megami tensei: freaks and geeks
shin megami tensei: the office (us)

this came to me in a dream:
batman game on the sega cd.
half of the game is a long vertically-based beatemup where you have to get up a skyscraper overrun by rnemies. other half is top-down rpg starring an evil version of big van vader. he turns gotham police department into a butcher shop. first playable part of his story consists of him putting dry rubs on dead pigs and slathering meats in cop blood. song in the bg: garage rock track with “i’ll be yo loyyyuhhh” in the chorus


Just kinda of waiting for Kairosoft to release Crowdfunding Story at some point in the future


read this as “a skyscraper overrun by memies” which I like


I would play this. Can it be set in occupied Iraq? The green zone is the starting town, and the priest class character is an army chaplain called phil.


A point and click adventure adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird


massively multiplayer online bomberman, with a single enormous map that everyone plays on at once


Cyberpunk Samurai Shodown sequel where the main characters are Korean and Chinese fighters on a mission to kill a nationalist Japanese politician who is actually an AI that believes itself to be Yukio Mishima.


Tiny Souls. It’s basically Dark Souls but the setting is a post apocalyptic world where humans are the size of bugs. It’s like an inverted Earth Defense Force. You would explore dungeons inside vending machines and in tire treads and fight giant mutated rats and spiders with sewing needles etc. You could ride a friendly dog around. Patches of wild grass are filled with creatures known and unknown, and the grass looms over you seemingly for miles. One area would be set in front of a giant TV playing a cryptic broadcast.