SB game idea megathread


A game that steals character models from other games installed on your hard-drive.


this isn’t really that but it’s instead a mediation on the value of work that steals assets from N64 games

and I can never pass up an opportunity to push it


So Gary’s Mod but eliminating the middleman of other people doing it?


Yeah, the goal is a glitchy, Gary’s Modded mess of dynamically stolen assets tailored just to you. Maybe you can remix the music and voice files? Stuff like that.


Random scenes from my “Liber” video game series: Peter being entertained at a white-tie party by cannibals, Alternate Ending in which anti-natalist villain Emett succeeds in killing all humans, and beginning of the first game, Liber Desperatio: Invincible Death Laser!




Sega Game where Alis Landale, Alex Kidd and Opa Opa go on an intergalactic journey to solve various space mysteries. The game will have two versions, a Japanese and International version. The only difference besides language is that in the International version all food is replaced with hamburgers.


an anti-gamer game borrowing heavily from xenofeminist theory and #alt-woke called ‘space invader’

you play as the alien and eat people at e3??


persona 6: trainspotting


Scarlet and Ranmaa’s endings:



one of those big open world action rpgs like new vegas or whatever would be one where if your character dies, they’re permanently dead. but! you a new character in the world they left behind, but like maybe a month has passed since their death. like, if they had strong bonds or grudges with any npcs, those npcs will talk about them, and any large-scale stuff they did, like saving a small town or destroying large buildings or whatever still happened.
if your original character died alone in the middle of nowhere, maybe people would still be looking for them, too.
and then if your new character dies, then you start another new character in that world, and so on.


buddy have I got exciting news for you


Forged in Battle: a versus fighter pitting a grimdark blacksmith against anthopomorphised ingots & billets who spit sparks, slag, and temperature drops. As their health drops their shape changes until become a finished work (and are defeated). Bellows for ranges projectile attacks, anvil for throws.


Ok I will.

The most fun part of bethesda games is loading up a ton of mods, getting them all working and playing for about 5 minutes before losing interest. So a game that simulates that activity: dealing with load orders, ini editing, texture validation, etc etc. All that extremely compelling busy work. We can leave out the “game” you’re supposedly modding altogether. Try to maintain a reasonable fps and loading times while multiplying the theoretical fun of the open world game.

Sometimes certain combos of mods will glitch in ways that increase fun, a la touch the skyrim


maybe it’s contextualized as an LSD: Dream Simulator sequel

Eat a combination of foods, in orders and quantities, to influence your dreams

drugs if you swing that way

cheeses if you’re british


All I know is if I load up on manchego before stilton my dreams have HD textures


Essentially I am describing a tableau building game with an eccentric theme


An RPG with an astrology-based magical affinity system. If perchance you want to change your alignment, you must travel back in time and change the date of your character’s birth. A bunch of your character’s other characteristics may randomly change as well, but hey at least you’re now proficient in water magic.


I would play the fuckkkkkk out of this tbh


combination of orgeon trail/FTL and a virtual pet game like viva pinata or neko atsume where you’re riding a space whale and you have to attract the right animals onto the space whale for maximum symbiosis


Fuck that is a good idea.