SB game idea megathread


a really awful altright-baiting meme game with a bitcoin miner and a RAT in it
i make a documentary out of the webcam footage i receive from players


cattle royal

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Exactly what it sounds like. Just Heroes of the Storm but with Nintendo characters instead of Blizzard ones.

Battle Royale Tycoon
It’s Fortnite, but you play as Epic.

Street Fighter: PBEM
alt. title: Dueling TAS Edition. A Street Fighter match is played entirely using frame advance.


I am imagining a battle royal mode in the South Park 64 engine where the only available weapon is the cow cannon


I was thinking a silly western RPG as an excuse to give everyone really shitty guns. And also to put in every shitty silly western gun like pepperbox pistols, volcanics, and apache revolvers- which also has the side-benefit that if you get a really good gun, it’s not gonna carry you the whole match because the ammo you get with it is likely to be the only ammo of that type. Also olde-timey dynamite and bottles of nitroglycerin.


that sounds like a much better game!


Hence why Battlegrounds, the Revolutionary War team deathmatch Half-Life 1 mod, is the greatest multiplayer game ever devised


Been thinking more about this and it actually seems like it could work and be kinda neat.

You design an island for 100 little Sims to drop into and they run around picking stuff up and then have their little fights. Raise and lower terrain, plunk down points of interest. You can click on the little guys and they’ll pop up with little thought bubbles like “There’s not enough ammo!” or “The sightlines on this map are too long, there’s too many snipers!” or whatever.


a game where you sneak around the senate and assassinate terrible senators