SB game idea megathread


you’re a clerk at a place that takes trade ins and you get to punch the people that are rude or try to trade in shit


I did that once but by accident because the guy had leaned closer to the counter than I realized while I was doing my dramatic spin move to hand him the copy of gyakuten saiban he’d asked for and he was really understanding about it


you start out as a wee squishable blob which spawns from a (randomly-placed) meteor and have to slurm your way around a lively b-movie world avoiding detection & hazards and schlorping up anything and everything you can in order to grow larger.

basically Katamari Damacy meets Rampage


I don’t really like anything Drinkbox, but Tales From Space tries this on:


SMB1 randomizer that shuffles the positions of platforms, enemies, etc just enough to throw off the muscle memory of people who have played the game too much.


My Summer Starship

My Summer Gundam


I almost made this once. I’ve been out of retail for a while. Wonder if I should revisit this idea.


Is this like that sex game?


like this game I assumed


no this one


I think I watched Giant Bomb play some of this, it looked fun


this is… incredible


there is a dedicated button to flip the bird and cuss, and another to pee

there is a beer meter


More games need direct piss control


So. You’re an absurdly powerful nine-tailed fox demon that was sealed beneath a temple for hundreds of years. Your command of both sword and magic is legendary, but you were defeated by an exorcist and put to work as a temple-guardian for ages. Now, in the modern day, the priest of the temple has awoken you and loosened your bonds so that you may go to battle against an epic enemy that will test your mettle and cunning like none before- keeping the temple from getting foreclosed on and replaced with a fast-food restaurant.

Explore the open world of the temple’s district, and engage in activities like:

  • Exorcising bad spirits in full spectacle fighter combat for surprisingly little pay
  • Squandering your money on new clothes, snacks, and that CCG the kids play in the playground outside the temple
  • Get mistaken for a cosplayer and get condescended to by eight-year-olds
  • Decorate your bedroom with junk you find lying around
  • Work (and get fired from) a series of part-time jobs
  • Teach a kid to fight with a stick
  • Obligatory fishing minigame, but you just grab the suckers out of the water with your bare hand
  • Annoy your friends at school or their job by using kitsune magic to disguise yourself
  • Save the world by accident two or three times maybe
  • Dating, probably?
  • Possibly actually saving the temple


Is this Shenmue?


It’s definitely got Shenmue DNA.


Pro Noodling Simulator 2020


Dr. Mario Maker


Dr. Miami Maker

youre a plastic surgery professor