SB game idea megathread


Red Deadlands Redemption


they already made this


i thought that was fake for the longest time


the zombie stuff is only a part of the whole Weird West concept though

i want to defend a locomotive from Graboids, or call Death out to a duel at midnight


Reminds me of a wild west game concept I came up with years ago about some mysterious mesa maze in the desert where you select one of various characters who travel there and have different supernatural experiences. Like a bounty hunter chasing a criminal into there but ends up being confronted with his dark past, or some passengers of a wagon passing through who end up having some Picnic at Hanging Rock experience


People have been trying to make an open world weird western (OWWW!!!) for years and years. I love this post by the creator of the roguelike Land of Strangers because it tells the story of a dozen people having this idea and failing to finish it.

There is a small existing canon of Western RLs, with a few short 7DRLs and other game jam entries, and some abandoned and ongoing projects. Many Western RLs seem to land in the Weird West category.

The classic, I’d say, is Abura Tan from 2001-2004, which remains extremely appealing, even in it’s unfinished state. There’s also Gravebound for Android, which I haven’t tried in a while, but it seems to receive attention from its devs.

Finished 7DRLs I’ve found are Wild West RL and Dead Horizons (sf/weird west). From another game jam is Tiny Frontier Saga, by /u/chilly_durango on here, I think.

An oddity is the abandoned The Last Rogue, which seemed to have a nice overall vision, though I don’t think they ran very far with it. Potentially a Roguelite, I also recently ran across a project in very early development, called Duster. We’ll see where that leads.

I’m curious if anything else crops up here that I haven’t manage to sniff out yet :slight_smile:

There’s so much more you can do with this setting; like, I don’t even know how many of those games allow you to visibly play as a black guy. That’s an idea right there. That’s the danger of the weird west setting, you start thinking of all the cool things that don’t get done, and then you fail to implement them.


I would love a weird west game that didn’t white wash slavery or attribute the apocalyptic world threatening onslaught of the supernatural to indigenous people wanting revenge against genociders.

Oh, and while we’re at it, the Pinkertons and Texas Rangers should be villain groups and not good dudes fighting against the supernatural. Voodoo shouldn’t be mostly in service of evil black characters if you include it at all, and I would love feminists not depicted as evil man hating witches who are all universally smoking hot.

Sorry, Deadlands is a bit of a hot topic for me. >.>;


Wild West first person dungeon crawler


A Castlevania where Dracula disguised himself as a railroad baron would be pretty cool


The monster who didn’t belong in this world fled across the desert, and the Belmont followed


Expansive, slightly creepy levels; heavily lined art style; repetitive audio cues; occasional aimlessness and objective mystery: my weird west game is Outlaws


A racing game where instead of cars on an asphalt track, you race as balls on a stretchy rubber sheet. the sides of the sheet (where the damage bars would be in F-Zero) are fixed, but the rest of the track can stretch and deform as you roll through.

You have two buttons, Roll and Dig. Roll is essentially the gas pedal, whereas Dig makes you sort of ‘lurch’ down into the ground/sheet. Think along the lines of the button you press in snowboarding/skateboarding games that lowers your center of gravity to go faster and start jumps. Except holding it in this case will actually slow you down because you’re digging into the sheet more, and thus more friction. This would essentially make it three buttons in one: simultaneously the brake button, the TURN HARDER button, and the jump button, all depending on the road-context and how long you press it for.

Different balls have different characteristics, maybe one has better grip but it’s a bit on the lighter side, one is a bit slick but it’s heavy and deforms the sheet more.

Lighter balls will have their trajectories altered by the deformation wake of heavier ones, as if exerting a gravitational pull.

Maybe the sheet goes slack in some parts and you have to handle that differently.

who knows


chibi robo + ganbare neo poke kun

you’re just an anthropomorphized game console trying to survive in a house full of bigger more powerful consoles, scavenging for batteries, stealing wifi passwords, etc

but as you play and progress in the game you unlock new “minigames”, the games played on you.


this image being on the moodboard for devil may cry 6


replace all the indie platformers with rail shooters


watch dogs 3 is about a member of the american diaspora living in berlin. they’re poly and into crypto. some members of the dedsec discord are doing a leftist podcast in brooklyn and you get to fly there for the second half and hack airports during a government shutdown and help them drive cops out of the local Anarchists of the United States chapter. side mission where you get to taze ben shapiro


I didn’t look at the thread title and thought this was real and now I am extremely pissed


I’m surprised there isn’t a Time Crisis PSVR game and you simulate the arcade pedal control by like, standing/kneeling or something.

I think Killzone 3 could probably also be ported with a few concessions.



That game was ridiculously tiring to play, but pretty fun.