SB game idea megathread


A game built around the conceit that you’re playing a 16-bit era action game on a emulator, and thus is built with the idea that you have access to savestates.


I played through Gargoyle’s Quest 2 with a rewind button and at the end of the day, I feel like the game was much better for it.

In other words, I think some older games are so hard that they are already this


an idea i want to include if i ever make a game is having to press 5 on the keyboard to insert imaginary coins and 1 to start, as if its being played in mame


the division 3: 410,757,864,530 dead cops


neotokyo but its a roguelike FPS and has F.E.A.R. AI. also demonlover


man I was so excited for NeoTokyo after that amazing trailer and then


Action game where time is literally money.

Fight dudes get cash, like any action game, but the clock is always ticking, and you have to pay that cash to extend the timer.

You also have to use that cash to buy stuff. Think River City Ransom but with an arcade-racing-game timer instead of lives.


A Justin Timberlake joint


An adaptation of Pieter Brueghel’s “Mad Meg”.



Pathologic is cool but all it has in common with Brueghel is a lot of brown. Mad Meg would make a kickass musou/character action/Bosch crawler about a crazy asshole who leads bonnetted hordes of maids into hell just to loot and steal. Total Warrior, set in Hell, old woman lead.


sounds rad to me


An action platformer where you have a huge range of pseudo-AI, pseudo-controlled assistant characters (for battle and traversal) you can choose from (befriend, recruit, something) like Pokémon. So kind of like Pokémon + Monster World IV + A Boy and His Blob.


this really reminds me of the DS game Monster Tale and i really do with that kind of genre caught on and had expanded it’s design possibilities


Man, I wanted to love Monster Tale so much, since it seemed to be picking up where Monster World IV left off, but I remember finding the level design feeling kind of plodding and I dropped it.


i got really excited for that and like henry hatsworth but yeah both became sort of a slog to me.


monster tale does have an underground monster night club though


Such is the fate of so many really cute contemporary platformers.


brutal legend but about the Nurse With Wound List


Now there’s the genre of the future