SB game idea megathread


a tower of druaga equivalent for the 21st century, combining impenetrable unsignposted compulsory hidden bullshit with geocaching and real world arg elements


Rushin’ Roulette

Head to head straight-line racing with obstacles to avoid. Spinning the chambers fills your boost gauge, but…


I think I am going to make a game called J.R. Evans’ Assorted Public Domain Books, which is just going to be whatever I feel like in RPGmaker very loosely based on various books from Public Domain, with no plan whatsoever. Anyone want to help with this?


cooking mama e.x. overdrive - a vr game where you have to go through traditional cooking mama recipes but in locations like on a cliff during a typhoon, on top of a moving train, and in a war zone. if any of your ingredients fly away or get blown up you must start over

extra features:
versus mode where you fight alton brown, ina garten, emeril, action bronson (dan hibiki), tony bourdain, julia child mk.iii

mod support


parliament funkadelic character action game, main character voiced by bootsy collins


A game about building ships in bottles- tying knots, painting hulls, placing masts, etc- while the protatgonist monologues about their life at sea.


Gears of Forza:

Xbox exclusive kart racer with Gears of War characters.


don’t get me started, i imagine kart racing spin-offs for almost everything i play and enjoy


A super simple game, like the flash days of yore, some sort of generic shmup. Except it has hundreds of enemy bios, diary entries, audio logs, etc., collected randomly at the end of each stage. Basically a novel hidden behind a crappy game. The very revealing pieces would have to be acquired by performing special things, like not shooting at all, only shooting certain enemies, etc.


i like this idea a lot and it makes me think surely there must be some game out there that does just that. i mean games with not-strictly-part-of-the-game tacked on mega-worldbuilding do exist (also uhh magic the gathering?) and it’s not much of a stretch to imagine something even more purposely designed to be this


remakes of the kingdom hearts games (or at least 1 and 2) without any disney or square enix references

the really sad romance between sora and riku would actually hit if goofy and donald weren’t there. im drunk but im crying about this version of kingdom hearts


goofy and donald are pretty good manifestations of sora’s more easy going outlook vs riku’s confused reactionary struggle for control but yeah i too wish they spent less time jamming in franchises and more on anime emotions

now excuse me i’m gonna listen to 300 simple and clean remixes


you’ve gone too far


i want to convince tetsuya mizuguchi to do a gesamtkunstwerk. i want my hair and feet to be anointed when i clear the lumines field. once the lumines dj set is over maybe actually its time for me to anoint a human manifestion of lumines played by a performance artist. actually the more i think about this the more i kind of get disgusted with how egotistical it is to seek a high score in a puzzle game. never mind. lumines could just be a dish you make for other people and a suggestion for how you should treat guests at a party


a survival game where you have to socialize and nonviolently interact with other living things or else you will die


ryu ga gotoku gaiden: the office (U.S.)

criminal front interpretations of the office are canon

you are sent to scranton, pennsylvania to assassinate but end up falling in love while working at dunder-mifflin and make your bosses angry. a war breaks out between the scranton mob and your clan and you have to decide what matters to you




a spongebob tetris flash game, the soundtrack is a collection of 98 kbps, 18 minute long fusion jazz funk songs


jojo’s bizarre adventure metroidvania

u can find and equip stand discs like enemy souls in aria of sorrow, but how to use them is as arcane as weapon abilities and spells are in symphony of the night



I feel like the most intimately faithful JJBA title would be solving dastardly sudden death spatial puzzles during extreme, commentated bullet time

Oh and you encounter each instance doing something completely mundane like opening a bag of chips

And it’s pvp and you have to feint basically all your actions