SB game idea megathread


We played this game in college. It was called Spartan Madball, was played on a soccer field, and had three rules: 1 no weapons, 2 no shoes, 3 no vehicles. Played until 3 points scored or 3 people taken off the field for injuries


do you remember tim’s football y. a. concept?


i don’t!


Scene depicting an argument in my second Dragons Game (the first one with actual dragons in)


a parody of early third party steam games called “super drive-thru deluxe.” you have to order food at as many drive-thrus as possible like crazy taxi

the punchline is a hidden hateful letter to the developers ex-wife you only get if you put in their birthdate, at the end is a plea for custody of the developers child


game idea as in gdc talk idea: everyone put more hidden angry letters into the code of AAA games. we all want to hear the dirt


a pokemon game where the pokemon cries are just one long angry letter in ascii interpreted as audio data


kirby beltscroller


financial crisis


pac-man, but you control your speed with track and field button mashing


a narrativeless, abstract fighting game + exploration of the tetris effect if it were the tekken effect instead


A game set in the distant future in which Platonist and Catholic factions vie for the allegiance of 2 cryogenically frozen warriors from noble pre-history. You play as a member of the literate underclass, a librarian on the Catholic side. The game is point and click with rpg elements. You explore the workings of the a mysterious cult claiming an interpretation of history that professes faith in a merging of the 2 sides as the only solution to their age-old conflict.


this sounds like something you’d find in the gnarliest thrift store paperback and i love it

i can picture exactly what the cover art would look like, which would of course be a not at all accurate representation of something that happens in the first five pages of the book


My cover suggestion- naked lady and men (for that precious repressed bicurious nerd market) angels soaring across the landscape with a significant looking obelisk in the background that is never ever mentioned in the book?


skate 4 has a challenge mode where you recreate famous lines from classic skate videos. there’s a museum of skating history with magazine scans, interviews, photos of old gear, etc. the roster is like a wrestling game’s but skateboarding instead

sony vx-1000 3d shader!!


james ferraro presents deus ex 5


cooking competition style tv show for game developers. every team is tutored by some sort of asshole guru that bosses them around and verbally abuses them constantly in gordon ramsay type vignettes (holds gaming keyboard up, a swarm of cockroaches pour out and scuttle into various holes and discarded snack bags “how are you going to achieve CODE QUALITY with this???” slams keyboard into own face), all of this leading up to a game jam style competition where they are judged by a set of masked gamedev personalities representing different specialties (CODE, ASSETS, MONETIZATION, DESIGN). the winner team can then face off in a game jam to the death against the superstar judge team, only this time the actual judges are a roster of obnoxious youtubers that review the games on youtube

the ultimate inter media experience

anyway this wasn’t a game idea fuck





wow you literally cant make this shit up

gotta backstab yr friends for those mountain dew lawn chairs