SB game idea megathread


There’s also an occasional minigame where you play your demon hunter’s day job, which is convenience store clerk. Use the conversation system to deal with customers yelling at you when the slushee machine is down because it’s three in the fucking morning.


it turns out that all the opaque silhouette player identification characters from hentai games actually suffer from a rare mutation and you have to go on a globe trotting adventure to find a cure

however you are thwarted at every turn by their lovers who are having the best sex of their lives


henry darger Character Action games


Leaked screenshot of the opening sequence to Waluigi’s Wansion


#339 engine game about taking magic oxycontin in a dunkin’ donuts bathroom and finding a doorway into another world. a dunkin donuts-themed labyrinth full of skeletons and goblins. you can collect munchkins and coolattas

this is the soundtrack:


i read this post while in bed and immediately proceeded to read the entire sword of moonlight fan manual on my phone


one of those twin-release handheld jrpgs from the 00’s
one flavor is cocteau twins, the other flavor is deftones


Payday: Battle Royale

25 teams of 4 heisters each descend on a unsuspecting island. Their goal: Be the team with the highest value of loot stowed in a getaway vehicle with at least one member of the crew escaping before the time is out. Everyone gets a map with updates from the police radio on it. If you go loud, not only will the cops show up, but so might other players. If you go quiet enough, nobody will know where you are, but on the other hand you’re vulnerable to having your day ruined by some idiot driving a flaming mack truck through the bank you’re robbing and bringing a billion cops with them.


moment at the end of a sword of moonlight game where a windows prompt asks you to wish for something. you type it in, it tells you your wish will come true, and the game closes


four player boardgame where two teams-of two-compete

both teams are comprised of one player maneuvering through cover as an assassin and one player as their gun with a stack of cards and pieces frantically trying to roll dice to make sure they can fire properly / hit the other player / reload /not jam


fog factions


A Zelda-style adventure game. Each of the main dungeons is of the big mechanical puzzle box type, where you have to manipulate the whole of the dungeon in order to navigate it. On the overworld, each of the main dungeons is connected by various means- one might be close to another (although one is atop a cliff and the other at the bottom), some might be connected by large pipelines, or whatnot. After you’ve completed all of the main dungeons, you’re given a new tool that unlocks a lot of blocked areas in all of them, and also makes it easy to teleport between their entrances. The final challenge in the game is to demonstrate your mastery of these dungeons by putting them into a new configuration in order to power a gateway to challenge the final boss. In other words, the entire world is a puzzle-box dungeon.


jrpg that reappropriates youtube-compressed marching band covers of pop music for its score. the setting is medieval post apocalypse like nier

the final boss is obviously on a football field



i think jet set radio 3 should actually be two games, a proper jet set radio 2 and a proper jet set radio future 2. the two games work on their own but together tell the story of how gentrification can just completely and utterly destroy the existing culture of a city.

maybe the reason why the gg’s don’t still know each other in JSRF is a symbolic way to say tokyo-to has been so ravaged by rokakku real estate development that everything has changed and everyone has been so displaced that they just aren’t in touch anymore

for scale if u don’t know, jsrf’s lowest economic class lives in an emptied out nuclear shell panopticon type structure

poison jam in JSR2 will sound like:

they are scream 3 heads

poison jam in JSRF2 will sound like:

they’re an A24 horror movie gang


jet set radio 3 but you roller blade around town being a conservative and loving god and your country… because that is the new punk rock these days it seems


yh “hover: revolt of gamers” is the most realized jet set radio fan project to date and it’s about libertarian parkour-doers demonstrating against an ‘anti-leisure’ government :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:



but srsly we do need more jsr as we always have


tobal no 2, but with weirder characters. keep it ps1 style, and let any character you unlock do the dungeon crawl.


gridiron musou

it’s american football, with hundreds of players on each team, and you control a team’s one super strong player who plows through them to score touchdowns