SB game idea megathread


rohan kishibe adventure game


this pico-8 game kinda fits the basic description. it’s pretty minimal in the way of pinball-like elements (it’s just balls and walls) but the things you have to shoot and the things you have to richochet those things into constantly change in a way that rewards strategy to some extent. it’s also pretty relaxing which is not something i’d associate with a pinball game.

which also makes me wonder how a non anxiety inducing pinball game would be.


I want to make a game in my dragonsgame series about a peasant in a post-apocalypse who reads 5 random books including one by Deleuze and goes on a quest to repair time, which he believes has shattered.

Actually, I think I will make this. It will be a zero effort effort in RPGmaker and MSpaint and with no script of any kind. I’ll just read the 5 random books and then go from there.


You know those absurdly overpowered Mugen characters with the impossibly huge attacks and inhuman reaction times and combos?

A 3D free-flying fighter as in Psychic Force but all the characters are at that power level


The Unhelpful Space Game

Basically, something like Elite/No Man’s Sky/Captain Blood, an open explorable procedural galaxy where you can follow a number of careers and find a lot of different stuff. The catch is all the in-game text without exception is written in an alien language, using an alien alphabet and grammar a la Sethian with some dialects depending on the galactic region (like different word endings) but also at least one other language that uses the same alphabet in a different way. Like Captain Blood’s ST version , the alien speech is generated and uses syllables matching their text.

Unlike NMS, Captain Blood or Sethian, the game offers no help, tool or subtitle that could help the player figure out its xenolinguistic challenge, never even clues you in that there might be several languages. Take notes and figure it out.


a non-videogame idea: some kind of fairyland political negotiation game, in which each player represents a country.
for each game, each player has an explicit goal that every player can see, and a secret goal, that only they know.
i guess there would also be explicit and secret resources available to each player, too. so a country with a small army but a powerful secret weapon might be trying to goad another into war or whatever?

and maybe it’s a legacy game? i’ve been thinking a lot recently of what kind of legacy game could exist, both co-op and versus. so intra-national relations might carry over, countries might suddenly get new monarchs with new priorites, or they might be hit by famine or war?

i dunno i literally just thought of this and i’m making it up as i type aaaa


Waluigi’s Wansion. Just as Waluigi is the opposite to Luigi, so too is this title to Luigi’s Mansion.

In LM, you’re trying to save Mario. In WW, Wario has just murdered you so that he can get a better tennis partner. Now thatre you’re a ghost, you must infiltrate his party at his Wansion, where he will select his new tennis partner. It’s a stealth game where the light makes you visible and you have to avoid the maids cause those vacuums kill you. The objective is to systematically murder the candidates, and finally to drag wario down to hell with you.

If too many people notice you, Wario will call in Luigi to extreminate you. He roams around the party, flashlight and vacuum in hand. It’s easier to avoid him, but if you’re really good you can leave a breadcrumb trail to get him to realize that you’re the ghost, and he might look into your murder.




im 200% sold on this idea but is it really necessary to make wario, the most relatable person in the mario universe, a murderer?

also how is the person with the longest arms in said universe a bad tennis partner


a stealth-platformer where you control a tiny gnome or gremlin who must steal and hide various small objects (keys, credit cards, antipsychotics)


longest arms = biggest arm pits?? he never showers so its a really bracing odor


nintendo has documented the size of waluigi’s wadick somewhere, show us you cowards


I mean afaik Wario has only ever been characterized as a greedy capitalist so murder doesn’t seem so out of the question. But maybe because Mario is a murderer Wario wouldn’t be? Where do you stop making them opposites?

Waluigi is probably a fine tennis partner in reality but his character is that Wario blames him every time they fail at anything


Clint have you seen this article? They measured up the citizens of the mushroom kingdom using Luigi’s dick as reference


yeah that was sort of incredible. i love math


I don’t understand this system of measurement at all

why would the length in pixels in one image correspond to any real world length in other images?


It would work if they were flat images but all of the characters are in perspective so it’s a flawed calculation. Plus there’s no way to know that their rackets are all the same length, or are average length.

But also they’re just doing individual conversions for each image based on it’s racket, not based on Luigi’s dick. The title is misleading for clicks and because the math was originally used to approximate luigis sausage


yep looks like the perspective invalidates these calculations


a lightgun game with a huge gatling gun you have to carry with both hands


demon hunter catfish

purposely get catfished online to hunt demons and vampires. megaten-like conversation system during webchats and texts and initial irl meetings, DMC combat during catfish boss fights

an ingame internet where you have to reverse image search profile pics