SB game idea megathread


the epistle of james: the audio book: the movie: the puzzle rpg


shin megami tensei: devil summoner: that 70’s show (featuring that 80’s show extra scenario)


JRPG where you use a radio to tune into certain frequencies and find where the static noise is strongest to trigger the monster encounters. Monsters can be captured by recording them on cassette tapes


World Star Hip Hop MMO


Scrimshaw RPG where you claim the bones of your enemies and carve them into various tools and ornaments


some kind of arkanoid/city building thing?
you get resources by breaking different coloured blocks with the ball, and between credits, you assign villagers to build stuff with them.
certain structures attract skills villagers who can upgrade your bat and ball or ope up new stages or something?
i dunno, it’d end up being super grindy, but could be a good handheld game to play a little bit of while commuting/pooing? so you wouldn’t expect to be playing it intensely, but every time you played it for five minutes or whatever, you’d be progressing your world a little bit?
i guess the whole point of this is to make some kind of longform single player arkanoid game


def monetisable. get on that.


I could have sworn this was how The World Ends With You works


It’s been years since I played that, but as I recall in that you just tap a button to switch on enemy encounters and tap them to activate the battle.

I was thinking more like traditional random encounters, but with a Silent Hill style static noise and scree filter that gets more intense as you get close to where the battle is triggered.


About, like…10 years ago, I wanted to make a Jumper 2-like platformer but instead of having a set of levels to complete, it was actually a pseudo-deckbuilding game? But the deck was the level you had to complete

So imagine you start with 5 green (easy) cards, you put them on top of each other to build a “tower” of levels. You have to play through the 5 “cards” that you put down and at the end you get a reward. The reward is dependent on the difficulty of the cards you included, so the more difficult you make the level, the better your reward is. The rewards are more level cards of increasing difficulty, among other things like new characters, maybe ability cards that would reduce your points but make your life easier, etc.

I was also thinking that you could unlock cards that were like, easy levels or extra lives or something, but doing so would reduce the amount of points you get for completing it. And each death reduced your points as well.

The goal is to get all the highest difficulty cards and then play them all in a row without dying to get some sort of mega reward.

It’s not very well thought out but I like the idea of customizing your own difficulty via something easy to understand like cards.


black blotter
visual novel taking place in the gta v game engine. open world only serves to get to new settings for crudely motion captured cutscenes about addicts in a relationship. when you dream you think about being the drug dealers you know instead and it becomes a regular shooting game. supernatural lsd blotter collectibles gets my unencrypted phone number


shonen JUMP all-stars kart racing


That’s how all those KOF omake illustrations where everyone is hanging out, dressed in casual wear make me feel. I wish there was a KOF adventure game. Or, like, a King of Fighters Kyo but good.


cuphead, but like this:


A single-player game all about being a team-mate, not a leader.


pro-evolution soccer
intelligent design soccer


Call of Duty 4?


you play a child with a squirt gun and go to birthday parties in procedurally generated cutesy houses and or restaurants and squirt the heck out of everything.

mechanically it’s some sort of isometric cover shooter but there’s really no goals and you can’t lose either. most of the fun comes from messing around and interesting interactions. overhear adults talking about boring shit. making the parents worry about their precariously placed vase. interrupting other kids’ games. getting the rich kid so pissed that they bring out their military grade giant squirt gun or something. you can also kick stuff by running into it which is always very pleasant.

you can catch a cold by getting too wet for too long. you can change clothes by finding them lying around or getting an adult to change your clothes or maybe if you really need to you can kick a cake into an old lady and then she’ll have to change her clothes and you get to wear her huge cake-stained dress. something like that.

sometimes another kid will tag along and be your teammate in squirt gun skirmishes, but those relationships are fleeting and maybe later they get bored and shoot you.

every game session ends when one of your parents picks you up and drives you home. in the way back they scold you about whatever you’ve done during the day.

there’s a collectible in the form of wedding photos in ugly frames and your kid’s room has a wall covered with them, which is never elaborated upon further.


snooker, but also pinball?
like, it takes place on a pinball table, but instead of launcihng a ball in the normal manner, there’s a triangle of balls that you shoot a cueball at.
then those balls all bounce around the table hitting stuff and scoring points and so on.
i don’t know if you’d have a limited amound of shots and a bunch of different ways to extend your game, or if it’d keep going until all the balls had fallen off the bottom of the table or some other lose condition.
i guess it’d need a lot of playtesting to see what happens and what would provide the best playlength/satisfaction/challenge ratio


Seaman, but it’s an office building instead of an aquarium, and the people inside have human bodies with fish faces. They all have various routines which you can either assist or thwart by adjusting the environmental variables (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.).