SB game idea megathread


A Cyberpunk CRPG where, in addition to lethal and nonlethal weapons, there’s a third category: mnenodestructive. See, due to ubiquitous augmentation and ridiculous medical science, simply shooting someone in the head is insufficient to ensure that they’re permanently dead. If you want to guarantee that someone is dead forever, you need to obliterate their brains thoroughly, either through extreme force or by injecting highly-illegal and expensive nanite agents into their bloodstream.
Thus, the three choices are:
Nonlethal: Doesn’t kill people, just fucks them up. If they witnessed you doing something, they still count as a witness.
Mnenodesctructive: Kills people super good. If they witnessed something, it doesn’t matter.
Lethal: Might kill people, might have them come back more borged up. If they witnessed your actions, they may or may not be able to witness them. If you killed them, they are probably angry about it.

A good idea, but a dificult one, would be to have each NPC have a specific chance of recovering from a lethal kill, which is weighted by how cyborged they are and how healthy they are, but then you’d have to have the story account for alive/dead/borged/borged and pissed off as possible results.


How would you deal with lo-tech brain destruction. Like just chopping everyone’s heads off and putting them in a bag or whatever.


I want a game that gets harder and harder if you are sexually aroused. Kind of like God Hand.


Obviously, that’s not mnenodestructive until you thoroughly destroy the heads. Low-tech and environmental kills would count as MDKills, but generally the goal here is that you actually have to put in effort to ensure someone is really dead or really alive. The most convenient means of violence are the least certain ones.


hyperdimension neptunia but celebrated philosophers instead of game consoles


Bill 'n Ted’s Radical Hyperdimension?



and christ was what he promised to be?

why removed the best piece of text this site will probably ever produce?




super robot wars but with parks and rec, the office, 30 rock, etc. characters instead of giant robots

who’s the boss
family matters
drake and josh


lego tetris or some shit


So, it’s just those characters, but punching and shooting each other in a tactical map?


yeah rocket launchers, guns, bats, swords


presumably still drawn in adorable superdeformation


leon belmont’s last surviving descendant has been laid off of their amazon warehouse job. they take a bus to maine to spend the rest of their bank account on seafood and magic mushrooms, but they end up finding dracula’s castle.

with a motel minifridge full of exotic sea creatures and some joints they spend the summer taking apart the castle piece by piece every day.

they steal furniture to pawn in the day time and try to find that special someone at night. who will you go to the summer music series shows with? is dracula in there or not?

maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks…


trying to pillage copper wire from dracula’s mansion would be a good premise for just about anything


Drac should be super salty about how shitty his mortal enemy is now and how incredibly beneath him it is that he’s being beaten by some stupid stoner with a zip-gun.


Another game I wanted to make was called Cryptid Hunter. It would take place in Maine, and a substantial portion of the game would be spent driving in real time to remote locations while listening to pre-recorded car conversations between you and the people you take with you. There would be gun mechanics but they would be really unwieldy, requiring the use of both analog sticks to simulate isomorphic pressure, a button to go into shooting mode that you have to hold down, and then another button to actually shoot, and even then there’d still be a PRNG factor.

The first portion of the game would be where you investigate a bigfoot sighting and find out it was just a guy in a costume. The second would be where you investigate a Loup Garou sighting and find out it’s a bona-fide werewolf, but the werewolf is just a down on his luck guy trying to survive who hasn’t actually hurt anyone so you leave him alone. The third would be in a remote small town constituted mostly of native american indians, but it would concern the non-native myth of the Rake. There would be a part where you ask the native american sheriff what he’s concealing and what’s going on and he says he doesn’t know, it has nothing to do with native mythology at all.

There would be a mechanic where your weirdness or assholery alienates and upsets people and it makes it harder to investigate the cryptid sightings because nobody will cooperate with you if you, EG, harass people by asking them too many questions over and over again. Or someone will invite you to church and you’ll have to go to church or your esteem will go way down. In the final segment the assholery index directly determines how much danger you are in from the Rake.

The game would have a recurring joke about how the cup holder in the car is broken, when people you take along on investigations with you keep putting drinks in it, causing them to fall and spill everywhere.

Also, the portions in between would just be a Shrug simulator, where you craft items to try to sell on Etsy but people keep changing their minds about what they want so you never actually sell anything.

I’ve thought about it a fair amount, I dunno.


This is a great idea, Kilroy.


Too real


parasite eve 4 and skate 4 are packaged together as two mmos that share a common game world. viceland will design and populate a near-future new york city for the skate 4 half while square-enix will build off of skate 4’s groundwork for the PE4 half.

the bottom line is that aya brea will interact with desus nice and the kid mero and lcd soundsystem will play while you shoot skinned mutant dogs or something

parasite skate soundtrack featuring:
james chance
lydia lunch
dat oven
kevin aviance
glenn branca
lcd soundsystem
max b