SB game idea megathread


A jRPG where you kill God at the end of the first act, and the rest of the game is a complicated cosmos managment sim. Turns out God works by Santa Clause rules.


Streets of N-Gage


i couldn’t sleep last night and i decided to play columns at 3am. while playing, my sleep-deprived, half-dreaming brain started telling me that each colour was a person at a party, and when you got rid of more than one colour at a time, either simultaneously or as part of a chain, that was two people who hit it off and were leaving the party together.

so i guess a colour-matching puzzle game that actually incorporates that somehow is my idea.


All of this basically:


Final Fantasy Tactics, but online vs battle only


There was a kickstarter that was like, “yo we doing FFT with an epic story,” then it pivoted to online battles only and then everyone hated it.

(I think it’s a good idea still)




A fighting game boss whose gimmick is that they are cheating their pants off. While their damage is somewhat below average on all their attacks, they make up for it by ignoring rules- getting to start moving before the start of a round, being able to damage you in the next round by beating up your unconcious body in this round, being able to kick a downed fighter, etc. Their non-boss version is specifically aimed to be a low tier joke character.


PUBG but with Pokemon instead of guns


playerunknown’s façade - up to 64 players help grace and trip with their marriage in a large open world


i think about my my dumb game is pubg dark souls a lot


Player Unknown’s Rap Battlegrounds


PlayerUnknown’s High-Stakes Pictionary

One player gets to see a procedurally-generated blueprint. They must communicate to the other 63 players a plan for the structure that must be built using a limited set of emotes and limited drawing tools. The other players must construct the structure within the time-limit.

And also prevent the fish-men from the seas from tearing the structure apart, of course. I did mention that part, right?


Saw last Jedi for the second time and the game idea is

FROM Software Presents: Star Wars The Fighting Game


I just bought RPGmaker MV. I want to make a fallout style game but with dragons, in a sort of grounded magical realism context. What assets do I need for this, free or otherwise, and where do I get them?


Id recommend worrying about art assets after youve built systems and things. Take this advice with a grain of salt tho as I have never done anything


Steal a bunch of scanned figures from illuminated manuscripts?


yeah gilliam it up, could own


Dwarf Fortress, but every dwarf is a player


mod for the future PC port of demon’s souls where old king allant is replaced with youngkingdave