SB game idea megathread


Opening slideshow ala Blaster Master. An astronaut comes home from work (still wearing his spacesuit, of course.) He turns on the TV while they’re drawing the winning lottery numbers. It’s something ridiculous, like 12345 … etc, but it is clear that these are his numbers, the same numbers he plays every week. Triumphantly, he checks the pockets of his spacesuit only to realize that he left the winning ticket at work – on the moon. In a panic, he grabs his space helmet and rushes out the door only to fall into an open manhole cover (also ala Blaster Master.)

The game begins in the sewer. It is a side-scrolling platformer. Everything you touch knocks you back uncontrollably, Ninja Gaiden-style. If you fall into the sewage at the bottom of the screen you stink and it’s game over. You move from left to right until you reach a Mario-pipe at the end of the sewer which takes you above ground. Now you’re moving right to left.

Here’s the thing, though: now if you fall off the bottom of the screen, you fall back into the previous stage – the sewer. And you fall into the corresponding section, so the farther you get into stage 2, the closer you will be to the beginning of stage 1 if you screw up. In fact, all the stages are laid out in this zig-zag pattern. So the better you do, the more you stand to lose, but you only game over if you fall into the sewage at the bottom.

There are four stages: sewer, above-ground, clouds, then hopping asteroids until you get to the moon and the winning lottery ticket. It ends with another slideshow of the astronaut turning in his resignation at NASA.

I only really think of games I could conceivably make in Game Maker if I had the time.


a garry’s mod gamemode called struggle session

1 counter-revolutionary player vs 15 proletarian players. the 15 players must keep their mics on and be screaming very loud at the enemy player or else they will get more ammo for their gun and kill the proletariat. after a set time limit, the proletariat gets melee weapons and probably wins


A boss in an action game whose gimmick is that they mimic the other bosses’ most memorable moves, including special effects and audio cues. After about 50% health, they intentionally start using your training against you- mis-timing attacks, using the wrong audio cue for attacks, or using the special effect from one move to disguise the startup to another move.


let it die-inspired mmo called “BLACK FRIDAY”

its about a supernatural mall called “BLACK FRIDAY” that is only open on fridays and only allows 1000 new shoppers per week, hardcore punk and harsh noise acts play in the lobby.

every store leads to a dungeon, it is possible to become trapped in one well past the mall’s closing. to save your items, you need to get to your car in the parking lot. if you get locked in at midnight, you have to find a place to stay in the bathroom.

when the mall’s doors are functioning again, you can go to your car in the great parking lot. if you try to gank players outside the mall a giant falcon murders you and your car explodes.

notable stores:
1000-floor “BLAME!” style IKEA
foot locker with basketball court pvp space
food court where you have to cook your own food


if you want to stay at an inn in a JRPG you have to book your room on trivago 2 days prior to your arrival


All inns are run AirBnB style and you occasionally find camera in your sleeping quarters.


“noise tetris,” a google glass game about putting dishes and pans in a drying rack without waking up your roommates


Noise Tetris is such a good name

Noise Tetris: the band
Noise Tetris: the novel

and so on


castlevania game in which the castle has been sold off in the mid-20th century and had a theme park build around it


one of those modern kunio-kun sports games but with basketball, baseball, and dodgeball instead of the field day bullshit they put out last time. there’s a cool general manager mode where you can train your delinquents as they tour the country competing for championships.

you can download high school teams other people make (chicago bulls '98 and stuff, obscure non-mlb baseball teams)

there is a fight club mode. you can design your own arenas, make them as vertical as you want. this is the true evolution of beat-em-ups. scott pilgrim may be gone, but the momentum-based physics brawler genre will continue to flourish forever more


flesh megaman game, where you’re a human and all the bosses are animal/human hybrids and you eat them to gain their abilities


David Cronenberg’s The Mega Man


A roguelike that’s so randomized as to be completely unplayable. Sometimes you’re an adventurer going on a quest to save the princess, but more likely you’re a single blade of grass on a world covered in insects and you slowly get torn apart by ants to make a home for them

A roguelike that’s only randomized in terms of the weather. Same game every time, but this time there’s a slight northeasterly breeze and it rains in the afternoon.


“i don’t want to be dracula” - another deconstruction of castlevania where you are dracula and you’re trying to die, but all your minions are giving you health pickups and unknowingly blocking off pits and windows with their hitboxes. you can’t kill them, your only option is to subtly interfere with their defense of your castle so that they fuck up and let a belmont up there or end your life when absolutely no one is looking.


tokyo jungle x castlevania

your species thrives in the castle. eating demonic creatures can mutate your dna and affect your genetics. how many generations will it take for you to end the nightmare

ending: the castle is destroyed and the animals are exposed to earth’s actual conditions. they die instantly. finally, all life has ended, even that of demons.


how do i retroactively make tokyo jungle x castlevania a reply to this


the other day my sister was playing around with my computer and we realized VLC media player has a video effect mode where you can deform video footage into a jigsaw puzzle. we decided to turn it into a game by making a few 1 minute videos with lots of stuff going on. if you play a video on loop, once it’s over it scrambles all the pieces again so you have to complete it before it ends. you can change the amount of columns/rows to make it easier or harder.

turns out speed jigsaw puzzling is surprisingly engaging! I wonder if this could be turned into a standalone FMV arcade game, with increasingly abstract footage and more obtuse puzzles.


christ taxi - you and your tribe go around uprooting crucifixes and take the dying men that are on them to places like ihop or buffalo wild wings


I had a dream that I left Peggle on an attract mode for too long and it started to glitch out. Eventually the demos became unplayable and the game freaked out and started showing content that wasn’t in the released product, leftovers on the disc. I ended up playing a bunch of levels with weird things like

  • Jelly blocks that melted and collapsed when hit with a ball
  • A boss fight against a dragon
  • Platformer levels with terrible controls
  • Literal mario levels

Is this a game idea?


the iOS peggle actually has a character named shelldon that has an acid ball that turns blocks into jelly. maybe they had the same dream as u.