SB game idea megathread


Goat Simulator Simulator Simulator Simulator


2 player interactive fiction meant to be played non-casually, either online or on seperate rooms. One player embarks on a wholly mundane slice of life journey, the other a fantastical, vivid, and fairly horrific adventure. The two adventures are parallel and input from both players is required to proceed - shares choices affect the outcome for both players but no metatextual information is shared between between them - aside from waiting periods, ideally the experience proceeds without any explicit indication of there being another player. The idea is to simulate dissociation - a full reading of the text would require playing both stories with two different and fully cooperative strangers. The text should anticipate frustration and uncooperative pairs as much as is feasible. It should be easy to tell there’s someone else behind the wheel - the ideal is to force a consideration of an outside perspective while having absolutely no idea what it is.

I’m basically describing a version of a Turing test


the white houses of every president exist in their own pocket dimension and it is your goal to venture inside of each and slay the collective american beast once and for all. rengoku prequel


Disgaea except you start in an item world for an item that’s already in an item world for an item that’s already in an item world and so on and so forth. You make your way out of each item, going through every single possible item in the game from weakest to strongest. You finally make it out of the last item and end up in the first chapter of Disgaea, except you have one of every item in the game and they’re all powered up to the highest possible limit.

When you hit the first enemy in the game with the strongest weapon in the game, it dies so hard that it creates a rift in your save file and deletes it.


mario but you play as peach and daisy


A 3d beat em rpg up depicting the lives of bike gang members such az in the beginning of Akira, the 2 Kaneda and Tetsuo analogues are best friends. The game is made with the underlying narrative conceit that the 2 boys were mother and son in previous lives, the more dominant being the mother in that lifetime.The souls, having endured the bond that they did during their time as mother and child in a situation of extreme deprivation are drawn to each other and inseperable but they have residual karma that makes their friendship extremely volatile and competitive as it much as it is loving.

The son friend doesn’t trust the mother- friend even though he needs him so much because in the past life the mother let him down due to drug addiction and poverty. The mother friend’s soul tries to keep singing him the lullabye that she used to sing him, the song that is so laden with solace and betrayal that it hurts and comforts the son friend in a way that he can’t explain and makes him extremely aggressive, angry, and makes him express his love for his friend through violence and destruction, that cycle through with reconciliation and recommitment.

The cohesion of the pair’s gang draws from this dynamic due to its extreme intensity. The son-friend thinks that if he fully forgives the mother friend’s soul then the gang will disband. The saga of the gang’s changing fortunes in an Asian city trying to find itself after a national trauma recapitulate the life of the mother and son.

The game features differing gameplay such as 3d beat em up, bike racing, drug dealing, graffiti missions in a semi open world style. The past life theme is never made explicit in the game’s narrative. Chapters of some sort of manga/pulp novel can be bought in game that relate to the narrative, like the pirate comic in watchmen.


Would you tie the past-lives shit to drug use?

This is a trip lmao


I reckon this gang puts cheap concentrated meth into their engines so that they get high off the fumes as they ride. But only Love can let you see through into your past lives.


Classic 2D top-down RPG set in the Lord of the Rings universe, but the story is entirely centered on the dwarves, who align East with the top border of all the maps and charts they make. All game guides and FAQs must respect this non-standard orientation when giving directions.


Open world Yakuza-esque game where at some point, one of the bad guys uses her influence in the game’s Twitter equivalent to start a doxxing and defamation campaign against the protagonist. From that moment, most NPCs level of trust with the protagonist plummet instantly, and sidequests aren’t as plentiful anymore.

Furthermore, just walking around on the open world has a random chance of a previously vanilla non-hostile NPC sucker punching your character out of the blue. After enduring X random assaults, you can learn a skill that lets you anticipate them, but at the beginning these attacks can’t be dodged.

You can keep progressing in the game and doing some side quests to mitigate the effects somewhat, but they never go away entirely. In fact, they persist in the sequel.


In this hypothetical game, do you, perchance, play a Nazi


Hah! The scenario touches on fears tangential to what’s happening to the alt-right, so I see why you made the connection, but not really.

I was watching the latest Kamen Rider, and in one episode the objectified little-sister character, who is also an “Internet Idol”, uses her stream to request the thirsty dudes who watch her to collect the personal information of a guy involved in the plot, and I thought that could be hella creepy.


whoa which rider is this


hai all, for an alternative reading plz amend mother and son in a past life to a boy and a girl who were supposed to get arranged married and the boy ran away to be with the blacksmith’s daughter and the girl was considered a ‘widow’ for the rest of her life and chose to never get married for the rest of her life in order to respect Fate. Which partner represents which best friend is left as an exercise to the reader.


Kamen Rider Build, the latest one.

Themes: Rogue physicist, Dividing Japan in 3 states (with baffling consequences), bottles with essences of things and animals (shaking them makes equations materialize in the air)

It’s super dumb


Normal dumb or dumb-awesome like Fourze?


dumb-entertaining, but baffling in that Kamen Rider way.

It’s a little less coherent than Fourze


GTA V but your only possible methods of interaction are buttons dedicated to hugging, shaking hands, complimenting, and waving politely.

Also you can drive your car around, but if you hit any pedestrians it’s game over. Getting in car accidents will shake your character so much that they have to go home and rest for at least a day, then get really anxious about taking the car in to get repaired, which wastes another day as well.

There are no goals.


a doom .WAD based on harry enfield - loadsamoney
"wop your .WAD out on the counta"


a survival horror game that remaps all the controls every time something scary happens