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I agree though! FFXV managed to feel more like a real road trip through an imagined North America filtered through fantasy bullshit.

It shouldn’t work, but it’s one of the most enjoyable open world games I have ever played.


Too many post-ironies for me because I can’t hear ‘it remembers the value of empty space’ without Prompto screeching into my ear about his latest YOLO fantasy

Oh and I think Mad Max is awful, terrible combat, no respect for the lonely desert Max needs, and a misunderstanding of both the Ubisoft formula and the Mad Max ideals.


needs more unique shops and restaurants


oh, I absolutely adored the game, but I don’t expect anyone to get what I did from the game and admit that all the criticisms are ‘not wrong’


who is the monster that decided you shouldn’t be able to rotate the camera during the food shots


Oh yeah, I also agree with that but…I really enjoyed my time with it anyway. It captures something most open world games fail to, and it’s hard to put into words.

Driving through the seaside hills while listening to the Balamb garden theme is a very worthwhile experience I can’t renember playing another game giving me, and I respect it a lot for that.


Yes definitely. I enjoyed collecting every recipe and visiting every restaurant just for the aesthetic variety.

I enjoyed sorting through photos that prompto took every time we camped. I enjoyed letting someone else chauffeur me around so that I can just soak in atmosphere

I hate doing stuff in video games. Near a Tomato’s emptiness was similarly satisfying though that game was generally more grim and more narratively propulsive and less aesthetically variant so I had less reason to soak it all in.


mad max has awesome vehicular combat though


Dat harpoon!

Taking on a caravan during a sand storm with lightning crashing all around you is awesome.


Then they should have made that game! That gamelet suffers for being hidden in an open-world game more than most, especially since the rest is so disappointing.


I liked all the camping and traveling around and dining and camaraderie stuff in ffxv, but the way the game plays out you end up feeling more like a final fantasy park ranger than either royalty on a road trip, or later on, royalty hiding out and trying to launch a counter coup d’etat


Far Cry 3 is probably the best of the Ubi strain of this kind of game, sure it has just about the least likable characters in a game but it’s a fun island to cause havoc across.


Maybe next year I will tell the Far Cry 4 Story.


FF15 is fine and fun and neat and the only layer of post-irony you need is “in retrospect, irony is kinda stupid and things are better when you feel real ways instead”


every time someone takes that position I think they must have a different concept of irony than I do


not wanting to get “caught” liking something a little dumb or popular, is the definition I’m used to

Like what you like, we’re not here long enough to worry about that.

Some of my favorite games are bad


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Some of my favorite games are bad


Thanks for all the tips! Mad Max is just $5 so that’s an easy one to swallow. Just want something I can play on my laptop while watching TV with family over the holidays.

Also all the Mad Max movies are on Steam for some reason and they’re all more expensive than the game.


final fantasy fifteen is easily the best open world game of the last few years come on doods. its the only one that isnt exactly the same as every other one! yeah its broken but who the hell cares it actually has personality. of all games final fantasy fifteen was like one of the least likely to feel like humans made it, and yet!!!


ffxv has charming elements for sure but it’s absolutely not on the botw/mgsv/w3 tier at all